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Free Barron's Booknotes Summary-The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane
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Maggie: A Girl of the Streets (1893, 1896). The story of how circumstances force Maggie Johnson to become a prostitute. One of the first naturalistic novels, and one of the first set in an urban slum.

George's Mother (1896). Another novel set in a slum.

The Monster (1899). A hideously injured man is ostracized by his smalltown neighbors.


An Experiment in Misery (1894). A young man decides to see what it's like to be down and out.

The Men in the Storm (1894). A crowd of poor men wait outside a soup kitchen during a snowstorm.

A Mystery of Heroism (1895). A war story.

The Veteran (1896). The story of Henry Fleming's death.

The Open Boat (1897). Crane's most famous story.

The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky (1898). The story of a fight that didn't take place, set in Texas.

The Blue Hotel (1898). A stranger is killed when a fight breaks out over a game of cards.

An Episode of War (1899). A soldier is injured.

The Upturned Face (1900). Two soldiers bury their comrade.

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Free Barron's Booknotes Summary-The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane

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