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_____ 1. Machiavelli dedicates The Prince to the influential ruler

A. Cesare Borgia
B. Girolamo Savonarola
C. Lorenzo de' Medici

_____ 2. Mob rule is not an acceptable way to achieve power because the people are

A. stronger than the nobles
B. fickle and change allegiance easily
C. difficult to understand

_____ 3. Fortresses can't protect a prince from destruction if they are not

A. made of concrete with high walls
B. strategically planned and located
C. accompanied by the love of the people

_____ 4. The most powerful and dependable of the types of military forces are the

A. national armies
B. auxiliary armies
C. mercenary armies

_____ 5. Part III (Chapters 15 to 23) of The Prince describes in detail the

A. measures necessary to defend a city against attack
B. general characteristics of a successful prince
C. specific strategies for seizing power

_____ 6. Free-spending princes are those whose conduct suggests they are

A. wise and understanding
B. strong and powerful
C. foolish and self-centered

_____ 7. Machiavelli states in The Prince that it is better for a prince to be feared than loved, because fear

A. depends on oneself, while being loved depends on one's subjects
B. commands respect
C. includes the hope of forgiveness

_____ 8. The image of the fox and the lion suggests that the prince should

A. behave like an animal
B. be both strong and cunning
C. be cunning, because strength is of no value

_____ 9. The best way a prince can gain respect and admiration is to

A. buy favors and privileges from nobles
B. be kind and considerate to the people
C. win impressive military victories

_____ 10. Machiavelli concludes The Prince with a patriotic quotation from the beloved Italian poet

A. Ariosto
B. Petrarch
C. Dante

11. Discuss the political significance of Machiavelli's use of a dedication in The Prince.

12. What are the general characteristics of the four types of principalities that Machiavelli describes?

13. What are the specific character traits used to sketch a portrait of the successful prince?

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