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BITT - A post on the deck of a boat, usually with a rope attached, used either to secure the boat or to tow it.

BONITO, ALBACORE - Types of fish of the tuna family.

BOW - The front end of a boat. (The back is the stern.)

BRINGING A FISH IN TOO GREEN - Attempting to get a fish into the boat when it has too much life and strength left.

BRISA - Breeze.


CAST NET - A usually round, weighted net designed to be thrown downward and then pulled back by strings. Used for catching small bait fish.

DENTUSO - Having big teeth, "toothy"; a sort of nickname Santiago uses for the shark.

DORADO - Golden, or a dolphin fish (not to be confused with a porpoise)

ESPUELA DE HUESO - A bone spur.

FATHOM - Six feet. Thus, Santiago's baits range from 240 to 750 feet deep.

FLYING FISH - A fish with a long pectoral fin which can look like a wing. After getting up a burst of speed, the fish can leave the water and move through the air for several feet.

GAFF - A large, sharp hook at the end of a rod or pole, used to help pull a large fish from the water.

HARPOON - A barbed spear with a rope attached.

HAWK-BILLS - A deep-sea turtle; their shells are brown mottled with yellow and are quite valuable. Usually spelled hawksbill.

JUEGO - Game or sport.

LOGGERHEADS - large, deep-sea turtle, not as attractive nor as valuable as hawksbill turtles.

PLANKTON - Tiny plants and animals that float in a body of water; the main food source for aquatic animals.

PORTUGUESE MAN-OF-WAR - A jellyfish-like creature that floats on the surface of the sea, with tiny stinging organs which can cause painful, sometimes serious injury.

QUE VA - Can mean many things in different contexts; as used herein, it means something like "that's how it goes" or "that's life" or "whatever happens will happen."

SALAC - A Cuban colloquial word meaning touched or even cursed by bad luck and therefore able to spread it; the bad luck is contagious.

SARGASSO WEED, GULF WEED - Types of seaweed.

SKIFF - A small, light boat. Santiago's skiff is propelled by oars and sail.

THOLE PINS - Pegs set into the upper edges of the side of a boat (the gunwales); the oars are attached to these.

THWART - The seat, usually just a wide board which extends from side to side at the middle of the boat.

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