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Barron's Booknotes-The Odyssey by Homer

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11. Fate is that which the gods have in store for men and which cannot be avoided. It is not necessarily related to a person's inherent virtue. Here are three examples of the working of fate.
a. Agamemnon's fate was to be murdered by his wife on his return from Troy. Odysseus' fate was to find a faithful wife and to win over the suitors.
b. Eating the cattle of the sun god is forbidden. The men know this, but eat them anyway. All perish but Odysseus, as was foretold by Teiresias.
c. Amphinomos, though decent, cannot avoid death in the final slaughter. Telemakhos kills him.

12. Valor, respect for the gods, intelligence and loyalty are all aspects of the heroic code. Odysseus' actions exemplify it best, but Nestor, Menelaos, and Telemakhos exhibit these qualities as well, and provide an echo of the hero's behavior.

13. Here are the female characters Odysseus encounters:
a. Kalypso. He is diplomatic about continuing to sleep with her and tactful about his departure.
b. Kirke. He is masterful in subduing her evil powers, and responsive to her invitation to his bed.
c. Nausikaa. He is delicate in approaching her, and protective in keeping her from embarrassment before her father.
d. Penelope. He is sensitive to her feelings in the matter of Eurykleia, and patient and perceptive during the reunion scene.

14. Here are five major themes and five minor characters who help develop these themes:
a. fate: Eurymakhos leads the men to slaughter the cattle of the sun god.
b. loyalty: Eurykleia dedicates her life to service.
c. hospitality: Eumaios is hospitable to the "beggar."
d. intelligence: Helen interprets the omen and penetrates Odysseus' disguise in Troy.
e. valor and vengeance: The cowherd kills Ktesippos.

Table of Contents

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Barron's Booknotes-The Odyssey by Homer

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