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Barron's Booknotes-The Odyssey by Homer

Table of Contents


_____ 1. It is prophesied that Odysseus will die

A. in Ithaka
B. on a mountaintop
C. at sea

_____ 2. The phrase that best describes Odysseus is

A. "quiet and unassuming"
B. "unfailingly honest"
C. "dangerously arrogant"

_____ 3. Odysseus is carried from the Kyklopes's cave by a

A. ram
B. sheep
C. donkey

_____ 4. Polyphemos' father is

A. Poseidon
B. Zeus
C. Hades

_____ 5. Which does Eurylokhos not do?

A. lead half of Odysseus' men in search of Kirke
B. encourage Odysseus' men to eat forbidden cattle
C. save several of Odysseus' men from death at the hands of Polyphemos

_____ 6. Telemakhos and Odysseus meet in

A. Athens
B. a swineherd's hut
C. Odysseus' old room

_____ 7. When Odysseus is recognized by his dog, the animal

A. gives his master away
B. runs from the room
C. dies

_____ 8. The god of the winds gives Odysseus a(n)

A. sack full of wind
B. basket of food
C. amulet which controls the weather

_____ 9. Shakespeare's observation that "All that glistens is not gold" best applies to the adventure of Odysseus' men and

A. the lotus-eaters
B. Skylla and Kharybdis
C. the Kyklopes

_____ 10. The battle that is about to erupt in the final book of The Odyssey is stopped by

A. the pleas of Odysseus
B. a sign from Zeus
C. the prayers of Penelope

11. Define fate as that concept appears in The Odyssey, giving three examples.

12. Describe the heroic code that underlies the concepts of right behavior in The Odyssey.

13. Discuss Odysseus in relation to the female characters he encounters in The Odyssey.

14. Discuss the roles of five minor characters in developing the themes of The Odyssey.

Table of Contents

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Barron's Booknotes-The Odyssey by Homer

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