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_____ 1. Charles' mother criticizes Emma for

A. not loving her son
B. her lack of attention to little Berthe
C. spending too much money

_____ 2. When Emma first meets Leon, he's working as

A. an assistant in a law office
B. a county tax collector
C. a secretary to a retired army officer

_____ 3. On the trip home from La Vaubyessard, Charles finds

A. a new riding whip
B. a wedding bouquet
C. the Viscount's cigar case

_____ 4. The Bovarys move from Tostes to Yonville because

A. Charles' mother lives in Yonville
B. they think the change will improve Emma's health
C. there are more patients in Yonville

_____ 5. Leon seduces Emma in

A. the back of a carriage
B. on the way to the wet-nurse's house
C. in the Lion d'Or

_____ 6. Emma's bridal bouquet becomes a symbol of

A. her middle-class involvement
B. everything that is wrong with her marriage
C. the romance that Rodolphe offers her

_____ 7. Emma encourages Charles to perform the clubfoot operation because she

A. feels sorry for Hippolyte
B. wants Charles to become a famous doctor
C. wants to impress Rodolphe

_____ 8. As a cure for her depression, Father Bournisien advises Emma to

A. drink a cup of tea
B. become a church volunteer
C. do some honest work

_____ 9. At the agricultural show, Catherine Leroux receives an award for

A. the general excellence of her crops
B. fifty-four years of devoted service
C. being a wet-nurse

_____ 10. At the opera in Rouen, Emma

A. imagines that the lead singer is falling in love with her
B. falls asleep
C. daydreams about her life in the convent school

11. Discuss the theme of blindness.

12. Discuss Flaubert's use of symbolism.

13. What is Flaubert's attitude toward the middle class?

14. Analyze Charles Bovary's character; give both negative and positive aspects.

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