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Free Barron's Booknotes-Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte-Free Online Book Notes
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_____ 1. The Bronte sisters wrote under pen names because

A. there was a prejudice against women
B. their father didn't want them to write novels
C. they wanted to seem mysterious

_____ 2. Charlotte Bronte made Jane Eyre plain because

A. she felt readers would sympathize with her more that way
B. she herself was plain
C. it was the literary fashion to have ugly heroines

_____ 3. One of Jane Eyre's main faults is that she is

A. cold and unloving
B. desperate to marry a rich man
C. rebellious and passionate

_____ 4. In contrast to Jane, who fulfills herself by working, we see unhappy idleness in

A. Blanche Ingram
B. Eliza and Georgiana Reed
C. Mary and Diana Rivers

_____ 5. An example of a Byronic hero in this book would be

A. John Reed
B. Edward Rochester
C. St. John Rivers

_____ 6. A positive view of religious faith is shown in the character

A. Mr. Brocklehurst
B. St. John Rivers
C. Helen Burns

_____ 7. An important element running through this book is

A. hints of the supernatural
B. political statements about woman's roles
C. the healing power of nature

_____ 8. Jane's daily life at the Reed's house is miserable because

A. her cousin John hits her
B. no one loves her or takes her side
C. she sees a ghost

_____ 9. The "red room" is

A. a room in the Reed house where Jane is shut up for punishment
B. the room at the school where Helen Burns dies
C. the room at Thornfield Hall where Grace Poole is locked away

_____ 10. Lowood School gets better because

A. Miss Temple learns Jane is not a liar
B. a typhus epidemic reveals the unhealthy conditions to the public
C. Jane becomes one of the teachers

11. The theme of Jane Eyre is the search for love. Discuss.

12. The concept of duty is very important to the heroine, Jane Eyre. Discuss its meaning for her.

13. George Henry Lewes, who was a leading critic of Charlotte Bronte's own time, wrote of Jane Eyre: "Reality-deep, significant reality-is the great characteristic of the book." Others, with equal confidence, describe the novel as romantic. What elements of realism and romanticism do you find in the novel? Discuss.

14. Jane Eyre is told in the first person by a single narrator-and from one point of view. This could be monotonous, or too limited. Discuss one or more narrative devices that Charlotte Bronte uses to vary the pace or broaden the point of view of the story.

15. "[Jane's] perceptions about Thornfield are constantly used as foreshadowings of what she is about to discover of its master."- Robert Bernard Martin (see Further Reading). Discuss.

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Free Barron's Booknotes-Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte-Free Online Plot Summary

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