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The Inferno by Dante Alighieri - Barron's Booknotes
Table of Contents


Many of the characters in Dante's Hell are familiar to us from
the Bible or from classical mythology. One other category of
Dante's sinners, however, is drawn from the Italian politics of
Dante's own time. The most important of these are listed
below, along with where they are placed in Hell and where
they appear in the poem.

ALESSIO INTERMINEI A flatterer from Lucca whom Dante
recognizes in Circle VIII, bowge ii. (Canto XVIII)

BERTRAND DE BORN Having counseled to separate a
prince from his father the king, he is condemned to have his
head separated from his body eternally. He is in Circle VIII,
bowge ix, as a Sower of Civil Discord. (Canto XXVIII)

BOCCA DEGLI ABATI In Circle IX, Antenora, is a Traitor
to Country. He quarrels with Dante for trampling on his head,
which is frozen into the ice, and refuses to tell the poet his
name. (Canto XXXII)

BRANCA D'ORIA A man whose soul has been consigned to
Circle IX, Ptolomea, with the other Traitors to Guests, even
before his body up on earth has died. (Canto XXXIII)

BRUNETTO LATINI A Florentine scholar and author who
was Dante's mentor, is placed in Circle VII with the
Sodomites. (Canto XV)

CAMISCION DE PAZZI A White Guelph like Dante, he has
murdered a kinsman, and thus is placed in Caina, with the
Traitors to Kin in Circle IX. However, since the kinsman he
murdered was a traitor to his country, Camiscion claims his
sin was less cruel than it seems. (Canto XXXII)

CAPPOCHIO An alchemist placed with the Falsifiers in
Circle VIII bowge x. (Canto XXIX)

Farinata degli Uberti (see below), is entombed with him
eternally. Cavalcante's son, GUIDO, was a poet and a friend
of Dante's. Cavalcante is a Heretic, in Circle VI. (Canto X)

CIACCO A Florentine, whose name means "pig," he is placed
in Circle III, for the Gluttonous. He offers Dante some
predictions about Florentine politics, and begs to be
remembered to folks at home. (Canto VI)

FARINATA DEGLI UBERTI A Florentine and an enemy of
Dante's ancestors. He is the father-in-law of Cavalcante dei
Cavalcanti (see above). A Heretic, Farinata is in Circle VI.
(Canto X)

FILIPPO ARGENTI A wrathful Florentine, is in Circle V, the
River Styx. (Canto VIII)

FRANCESCA DA RIMINI The beautiful lady who fell in
love with her brother-in-law Paolo (see below). She is whirled
around with the Lustful in Circle I. (Canto V)

FRIAR ALBERGIO Frozen in the ice in Circle IX, Ptolomea.
He slaughtered his brother, and is placed lower than the
Traitors to Kin, among the Traitors to Guests. The Friar's body
may still be alive up on earth. (Canto XXXIII)

GERI DEL BELLO A relative of Dante's. His violent death
has not yet been avenged up on earth. He is in Circle VIII,
bowge ix, with other Sowers of Discord. (Canto XXIX)

GIANNI SCHICCHI Impersonated a dead man in order to
pass off a will that he himself would benefit from. He is
placed in Circle VIII, bowge x, as an Imposter, a Falsifier.
(Canto XXX)

GRIFFILINO D'AREZZO An alchemist placed in Circle VIII,
bowge x, as a Falsifier. He mentions that the sin for which he
died-basically disappointing his wealthy lord-was not as
grave as the sin for which he is punished here. (Canto XXIX)

Table of Contents

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The Inferno by Dante Alighieri - Barron's Booknotes

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