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The Inferno by Dante Alighieri - Barron's Booknotes
Table of Contents


    Section of Hell                    Corresponding Canto(s)               
    and its Sinners                                                         
                                 Canto I: Dante is Lost in the Dark         
                                 Canto II: Virgil explains how he was       
                                   sent to be Dante's guide.                
  Vestibule                      Canto III: Dante reads the                 
  Acheron (first                   inscription over the gateway of          
    river of Hell)                 Hell and meets Charon, the               
                                   gate-keeper of Hell.                     
  Circle I: Limbo                Canto IV: Dante visits the home of         
                                   the Virtuous Pagans.                     
  Circle II: Lustful             Canto V: Dante meets two lovers,           
                                   Paolo and Francesca.                     
  Circle III: Gluttonous         Canto VI: Dante sees the Gluttonous        
                                   mauled by Cerberus, the watchdog of      
  Circle IV: Hoarders and        Canto VII: These teams of sinners          
    Spendthrifts                   roll huge rocks against each other.      
  River Styx                     Canto VIII: Phylegas ferries Dante         
  Circle V: Wrathful and           across; Dante is accosted by a           
   Sullen                          sinner.                                  
  Wall of Dis                    Canto IX: The Furies threaten to show      
                                   Dante and Virgil the dreaded head        
                                   of Medusa; Dante and Virgil are          
                                   stopped by the Fallen Angels.            
  Circle VI: Heretics            Canto X: Dante speaks to a Heretic in      
                                   his burning coffin.                      
                                 Canto XI: Virgil explains the              
                                   geography of Hell to Dante.              
  Circle VII: Phlegethon         Canto XII: Dante sees the Violent          
    (river of blood)               boiled in blood.                         
  Violent against Neighbors      Canto XIII: Dante speaks with a            
                                   suicide housed in a thorny tree.         
  Violent against Themselves     Canto XIV: The sinners writhe on the       
                                   Burning Sands.                           
  Violent against God, Nature,   Canto XV: Dante's former teacher           
    and Art                        predicts Dante's future.                 
  Abyss                          Canto XVI: Dante and Virgil search         
                                   for help down the cliff.                 
                                 Canto XVII: The monster Geryon moves       
                                   the poets to the Nether Hell II.         
  Circle VIII: Malbowges         Canto XVIII: Dante sees the Panderers      
    (Sins of Fraud)                and Seducers whipped and the             
  bowge i: Panderers and           Flatterers wallowing in a trench of      
    Seducers                       excrement.                               
  bowge ii: Flatterers                                                      
  bowge iii: Simoniacs           Canto XIX: The sinners suffer a            
                                   perverse upside-down baptism.            
  bowge iv: Sorcerers            Canto XX: Dante cries over the             
                                   twisted sinners and is rebuked by        
  bowge v: Barrators             Canto XXI: Dante sees the Barrators        
                                   plunged in boiling pitch.                
                                 Canto XXII: A Barrator tricks a            
                                   demon-guard and causes confusion.        
  bowge vi: Hypocrites           Canto XXIII: Hypocrites walk in            
                                   lead-lined cloaks.                       
  bowge vii: Thieves             Canto XXIV: Dante sees a Thief             
                                   reduced to ashes by an attacking         
                                 Canto XXV: The Thieves suffer strange      
  bowge viii: Counselors         Canto XXVI: Counselors of Fraud are        
    of Fraud                       wrapped in sheets of flame.              
                                 Canto XXVII: One of the sinners,           
                                   Ulysses, tells his story.                
  bowge ix: Sowers of            Canto XXVIII: Dante sees these             
    Discord                        sinners hacked apart.                    
  bowge x: Falsifiers            Canto XXIX: The Falsifiers are             
                                   stricken with hideous diseases.          
                                 Canto XXX: Virgil rebukes Dante for        
                                   enjoying a fight between two             
  Wall of Giants                 Canto XXXI: Dante sees the Giants and      
                                   is lifted into the bottom of the         
                                   Pit by one of them.                      
  Circle IX: Lake of Cocytus     Canto XXXII: The Traitors are frozen       
                                   in the lake; Dante accidentally          
  Traitors to Kin                  kicks one.                               
  Traitors to Country            Canto XXXIII: Dante sees one sinner        
                                   chewing another and hears a              
  Traitors to Guests               horrible story of treachery.             
  Traitors to Masters            Canto XXXIV: Dante sees the triple-        
                                   faced Satan chewing on Judas,            
                                   Cassius, and Brutus.                     


Table of Contents

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The Inferno by Dante Alighieri - Barron's Booknotes

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