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Great Expectations by Charles Dickens - Barron's Booknotes
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11. There are two ways you could answer this question.

First, you can look at the main character, Pip, as a prototype of
The Snob. Discuss the various elements in his personality that
cause him to become a snob. Then examine a particular scene
or two where Pip behaves like a snob, and discuss how the
reader is meant to feel about Pip at this point. Finally, talk
about how Pip reforms, and why.

Another way to answer would be to look at many different
snobs throughout the book. You couldn't do any of them in
depth, but you could show how many different forms snobbery
takes in this novel. For instance, there are the social snobs: Pip,
Estella, Mrs. Pocket, Herbert, and even Magwitch, who longs
to "own" a gentleman. They believe that social position and
manners are everything. Next there are the money snobs-
Pumblechook, Mrs. Joe, the greedy Pockets-as well as the
tradesmen and servants who take advantage of rich people.
They fawn on anyone who has money. Finally, there are the
moral snobs: Biddy, and Jaggers. They look down harshly on
anybody who doesn't behave right morally. Devote a paragraph
to each type of snobbery, and give examples of how each of
these characters acts out his or her particular snobbery. Then,
in your final paragraph, discuss the total effect of having so
many types of snobs in this fictional world.

12. Before you begin answering, list on another piece of paper
all the different characters who could be considered gentlemen.
Don't forget the gentlemen villains, like Compeyson and
Drummle, or the natural gentlemen, like Joe. Then list several
qualities which distinguish a gentleman in this book, such as
money, education, manners, or honorable behavior.

Then you can structure your answer in one of two ways.

You could discuss the gentlemen in the book one by one,
arranging them in order from good to bad, or from true to false.
End with a paragraph summing up what you think Dickens is
saying about his society by showing so many different types of

Or you could discuss what you think is Dickens' ideal
gentleman, one quality at a time. Illustrate each quality with
examples of characters from the book, the good as well as the
bad. Your final paragraph should then sum up Dickens' ideal

Table of Contents

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Great Expectations by Charles Dickens - Barron's Booknotes

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