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Barron's Booknotes-Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton

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We wish to thank the following educators who helped us focus our Book Notes series to meet student needs and critiqued our manuscripts to provide quality materials.

Sandra Dunn, English Teacher Hempstead High School, Hempstead, New York Lawrence J. Epstein, Associate Professor of English Suffolk County Community College, Selden, New York Leonard Gardner, Lecturer, English Department State University of New York at Stony Brook Beverly A. Haley, Member, Advisory Committee National Council of Teachers of English Student Guide Series Fort Morgan, Colorado Elaine C. Johnson, English Teacher Tamalpais Union High School District Mill Valley, California Marvin J. LaHood, Professor of English State University of New York College at Buffalo Robert Lecker, Associate Professor of English McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada David E. Manly, Professor of Educational Studies State University of New York College at Geneseo Bruce Miller, Associate Professor of Education State University of New York at Buffalo Frank O'Hare, Professor of English and Director of Writing Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio Faith Z. Schullstrom, Member of Executive Committee National Council of Teachers of English Director of Curriculum and Instruction Guilderland Central School District, New York Mattie C. Williams, Director, Bureau of Language Arts Chicago Public Schools, Chicago, Illinois




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Komai, Felicia, with Josephine Douglas. Cry, the Beloved Country: A Verse Drama. New York: Friendship Press, 1955.


1953 Too Late the Phalarope. A novel with Afrikaner main characters. 1955 The Land and People of South Africa. Written for high school students. (Revised ed., 1972.) 1956 South Africa in Transition. With Dan Weiner. Essays.

1958 Hope for South Africa. Historical analysis of South Africa's cultural and racial problems. 1960 Mkhumbane. A play, "Village in the Gulley," written for a mixed-race cast in Durban, South Africa.

1961 Tales from a Troubled Land (English edition, Debbie Go Home). Ten short stories including "Debbie Go Home" and "Sponono."

1965 South African Tragedy (South African edition, Hofmeyr). The life and times of Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr.

1965 Sponono. With Krishna Shah. A play about a boy from Diepkloof. 1968 Instrument of Thy Peace. Meditations based on the writing of St. Francis. --1968 The Long View. Edited by Edward Callan. Paton's essays in the Liberal periodical Contact, 1958-1966.

1969 For You Departed. A memoir and tribute to Paton's first wife. 1973 Apartheid and the Archbishop. The life and times of Geoffrey Clayton, Archbishop of Cape Town.

1975 Knocking on the Door. Shorter writings selected and edited by Colin Gardner. 1980 Towards the Mountains. Autobiography to 1948.

1981 Ah, But Your Land is Beautiful. Novel set amid events of the early 1950s in South Africa.

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Barron's Booknotes-Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton

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