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Barron's Booknotes-Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
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_____ 1. The Indians made Linda an outcast woman because

A. they considered her an immoral woman
B. she was white
C. she considered herself better than the Indians

_____ 2. Bernard brings Linda and John back to London because

A. he thinks this will be an interesting experiment in cross-cultural studies
B. he wants to embarrass the Director
C. he is falling in love with Linda

_____ 3. John learned to read by reading the work of

A. Ford
B. Freud
C. Shakespeare

_____ 4. "If one's different one's bound to be lonely. They're beastly to one. Do you know, they shut me out of absolutely everything?" This was said by

A. Bernard
B. Helmholtz
C. John

_____ 5. As John's guardian, Bernard finds that he is suddenly

A. jealous
B. too busy to do his job
C. popular

_____ 6. John falls in love with

A. Lenina
B. a Delta minus
C. the Director's wife

_____ 7. When Linda dies, John

A. is glad she's gone to a final rest
B. decides to return to the Reservation
C. starts a riot at the Hospital for the Dying

_____ 8. In his discussion with Mustapha Mond, John claims

A. he is willing to adapt to the customs of the new world
B. the right to be unhappy
C. he never really belonged on the reservation

_____ 9. Bernard and Helmholtz are to be

A. executed
B. reprogrammed
C. sent to an island

_____ 10. John's final answer to the "brave new world" is to

A. start an underground anarchist group
B. go back to the Reservation
C. commit suicide

11. Analyze the personality of Bernard Marx, giving three examples of his thoughts, feelings, and actions at critical moments.

12. Discuss Lenina as a person, as a citizen, as a woman. What are her functions in this novel?

13. Discuss three ways that John the Savage differs from the citizens of the Other Place. What do his thoughts and feelings enable you to see about the Utopia?

14. Discuss Brave New World as a look at the future, analyzing the difference between prophecy and prediction.

15. Discuss sex, sports, and soma. What do they have in common and how do they differ from the point of view of the individual citizen and of the state?

Table of Contents | Message Board | Printable Version | MonkeyNotes

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Barron's Booknotes-Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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