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Is There World Enough For Me? - Jane Frances


This chapter begins with Carmen attending her father’s reception. He hugged her for a long time and his eyes were filled with tears when he pulled away. Lydia hugged her, too, Krista pecked her cheek, and Paul shook her hand, saying at the same time, “Welcome back.” Then, when the wedding pictures were being shot, her father insisted she be in the bridal party picture even though she was wearing the Pants. Paul asked her to dance even though she feared “Skeletor” would disapprove. He laughed and said he had broken up with her. When the dance was over, he whispered to her that she made her father happy, surprising her as he always did. Then, her father asked her to dance and promised that from then on, he would be as honest with her as he possibly could be. On her way to bed that night, she noticed that the broken window had not been fixed and the thought made her feel ashamed and happy at the same time.

Carmen wrote to Lena and told her she finally did something right wearing the Pants. She thought the same thing had happened to Tibby, so they decided to send them to Lena with hopes that she would have good “Carma.”

Tibby went to work in her pajama top and Duncan acted surly about it, but she could tell he was glad to see her back. He complimented her on the Pants, but when he asked about Bailey, Tibby had to go to the back entrance and cry. While she was there, Tucker Rowe suddenly appeared. He sat with her while she cried and then offered to buy her some coffee and let her talk about what was wrong. However, even though he insisted he was serious, she refused. She thought about how she used to have a crush on him, but now she couldn’t understand why. His face showed that her refusal was an insult. After he left, Angela, the lady with the long nails, came out and they talked. She indicated that she knew Bailey was really sick, because she had a niece die of cancer and she remembered how that looked. The, she told Tibby how Bailey had seen one day while she was waiting for Tibby that Angela was upset about something. She took her for some iced tea and allowed her to pour out all her despair about her rotten husband and then, it became a Wednesday afternoon ritual. Angela though Bailey was a real sweet little girl. Tibby felt equal parts awe for Bailey and disappointment in herself, because she had only ever noticed Angela’s fingernails.

When the Traveling Pants arrived in Greece, it was Lena’s last day there. The Pants looked almost as exhausted as Lena felt, but they also looked like they would last for a million more years. As she put on the Pants, she felt courage as if they held the attributes of all three of her friends. She felt like she would give meager gifts to the Pants, but she would take their lucky bravery with her. So, Lena walked to the forge with her mind telling her over and over to just keep going. Kostos heard or else felt her over his shoulder and turned to look at her. There was nothing self-conscious or worried on his face even though she felt that way. First, she gave him the painting and he told her that even though it had been his place for many years, he was willing to share it. Then, she told him that the mistakes that were made at the pond were all her fault and that after it happened, everything became more confused. Even as she babbled in her attempt to explain he patiently waited until she was finished, with a slight smile on his face, and then, he accepted her apology. Finally, she worked up her courage to tell her she liked him and that she had never meant for him to think she didn’t care. His eyes filled with tears at her confession and he took her in his arms and gave a long, deep kiss. Lena thought that she never thought heaven would be so hot!


Three of the girls find out that there is world enough for them. Carmen can fit into her father’s new family. Tibby can give up her fantasies of Tucker, because she knows that Bailey was right about him and Bailey is so much more important than Tucker Rowe. And Lena finds the courage to apologize and reveal her feelings for Kostos. The truth they find is that life involves compromise and from that comes out the best parts of loving others.

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