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Free Online Notes for The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold-Study Guide
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1. One reason why Mr. Harvey has an easy time getting Susie in his “cave” is:

a.) Susie has been taught to respect authority
b.) Susie is curious about how Mr. Harvey built it
c.) both a. and b.

2. Susie’s body is hidden

a.) in a trunk in the sinkhole
b.) in Mr. Harvey’s back yard
c.) in an old safe

3. The member of her family who has the hardest time accepting Susie’s death is

a.) her mother
b.) her father
c.) her sister

4. Ruth Connors is especially close to Susie after her death, because

a.) she always wanted to be like Susie
b.) she wanted to be Susie for Ray Singh’s sake
c.) Susie touched her as she was rising to Heaven

5. The final project at the Gifted Symposium is especially hurtful to Lindsey, because

a.) it’s called The Perfect Murder
b.) she and Samuel have to kill some field mice
c.) no one will tell her about the project except Samuel

6. The spontaneous first anniversary memorial of Susie’s death is started by

a.) her father
b.) Ruth Connors
c.) Ray Singh

7. Susie’s mother leaves the family, because

a.) she can’t bear to think of Susie anymore
b.) she is looking for the life she never had the chance to live
c.) both a. and b.

8. When Susie’s mother leaves, her father is helped with raising his children by

a.) Ruana Singh
b.) Nate’s mother
c.) Grandma Lynn

9. When Susie says she falls to Earth, she means

a.) she enters Ruth’s body
b.) she is rejected by Heaven
c.) she decides to stay in the Inbetween forever to be able to watch her family

10. Susie’s greatest desire is to grow up by

a.) allowing her father to see her one more time
b.) bringing her mother home again
c.) making love to Ray Singh through Ruth’s body

11. The outcome of the story for Ruth Connors is

a.) to marry Ray Singh
b). to return to live in her home town
c.) to return to New York to use her “sight” to help girls who might be murdered

12. The outcome of the story for Ray Singh is

a.) to become a doctor who is open to the possibilities of Heaven
b.) to marry Ruth Connors
c.) to become a doctor in his home town

13. The outcome of the story for Jack Salmon is

a.) to die of a heart attack
b.) to go home with Abigail
c.) to go home without Abigail

14. The outcome of the story for Lindsey is

a.) to marry Artie and have a daughter
b.) to marry Samuel and have a daughter
c.) to marry Hal and have a daughter

15. The last symbolic touch of Susie in the story is

a.) the hat with the jingle bells made by her mother
b.) the Pennsylvania Keystone State charm
c.) her charm bracelet

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Free Study Guide-The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold-Book Summary


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