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MonkeyNotes-The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara
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"Thursday" sees the Union victory at Little Round Top and Leeís plans for the next day: a valiant attack at the Union center. Fremantle theorizes that the Civil War came about because the South is like a transplanted Europe whereas the North despises the Old World; Chamberlain comes upon a black man and reflects on the ethics of slavery and the institutionís role in starting the war; Longstreet reluctantly attacks the Unionís left flank; Chamberlain defends the Unionís extreme left flank against Longstreetís assault; Longstreet broods over his loss at Little Round Top and Stuartís return; and Lee reprimands Stuart and makes the decision for a final attack at the center of the Union line.

FREMANTLE (Chapter 1 of Part III)

Fremantleís theory that the South is Europe transplanted

Fremantle begins his wanderings around the Confederate camp with a conversation with Sorrel about Longstreetís disregard for sleep. Fremantle then breakfasts with Ross, the Austrian, and chats about the Rebel yell. Fremantle returns to Sorrel and asks about Stuart. Sorrel, knowing that Fremantle has his heart set on a dashing cavalry charge, replies that thereís been no word from Stuart.

Fremantle finally finds Longstreet and they discuss the dayís expected events. Longstreet leaves Fremantle, the Englishmanís head filled with thoughts about these earthy people of the South and their chivalrous leader, General Lee. Suddenly, it dawns on Fremantle that the failure of democracy and the return to class is what the war is all about. "The Northerner doesnít give a damn for tradition, or breeding, or the Old Country...[And] the South is the Old Country. They havenít left Europe. Theyíve merely transplanted it."

The chapter ends with Fremantleís theory taking a jolt when he finds that Longstreet is in fact not an English name, but Dutch. Fremantle is unfazed and takes into consideration that Longstreet is an exception and, after all, isnít a Virginian.



"He could sense the red battle forming today, coming like the sun." (p.155)

"Even his moustache was waxed. The ends slim and sharp like wiggly rapiers." (p.156)

"Longstreet...wandering head down and lumbering, like a bearded stump." (p.159)

"Soldiers had observed him, hanging in the air like a plump gray fruit." (p.159)

"Ross tended to look a bit ridiculous. Like some sort of fat plumed duck." (p.160)

"He rode along with delight blossoming in him like a roseate flower." (p.162)

"He saw puffs of white smoke start up down in the valley, like vents in the earth." (p.162)


"He saw the first light of dawn, a dusky rose in the east." (p.155)


"What a joy to be with the winners!" (p.156)


"Whatís to prevent the Yankees from attacking you...I donít see that you have bothered to entrench." Fremantle went on

Longstreet smiled, "I confess, it had not occurred to me." (p.162)

Irony & Repetition & Intuition & Simile:

Fremantle could feel the presence of that [Union] vast army; he knew it was there, thousands of men, thousands of horses, miles of cannon, miles of steel...around him Leeís whole army in the dark shade, moving, settling, lining up for the assault, and yet...he could...see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing, not even a trembling of the earth, not even on small slow rumble of all those feet and wheels moving against the earth, moving in together like two waves meeting in a giant ocean, like two avalanches coming down together down facing sides of a green mountain." (p.163)

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MonkeyNotes-The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara


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