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MonkeyNotes-The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara
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LEE (Chapter 3 of Part III)

An unexpected, but incomplete, victory for Lee over Reynolds

Lee is frustrated with his officers: Hill has been unable to fill the shoes of the late Stonewall Jackson, Stuart has irresponsibly left the army blind in enemy territory, and Heth is throwing himself against a superior force just outside Gettysburg. But suddenly, the tables begin to turn. Lee receives word that Rodes and Early (the heads of Ewell’s two divisions) have just reached the scene from the North and are conveniently positioned at the Union’s right flank. What’s more, Reynolds, one of the Union’s best officers, is reported to be down. Taking the circumstances as a gift from God, Lee orders Rodes and Early to engage from the North and sends in Pender’s troops to aid Heth.

The flanking movement works and the Union troops begin to run. Lee orders Ewell to pursue the fleeing Federals and to make sure they don’t occupy the heights south of the town. Longstreet arrives and discusses the current victory with Lee and what their next move should be. Again, Lee wants to hit the Union army hard and make Gettysburg the war’s last battle, but Longstreet wants to get between the Union army and Washington and take a defensive position.

The chapter ends anti-climatically with no sign of Ewell’s expected attack on the retreating Federals.


Metaphor: "Once more the Rebel yell--inhuman screaming of the onrushing dead." (p.105)


"War was pouring down the road as from a great furnace." (p.106)

"Longstreet...moving forward slowly, calmly, like a black rock." (p.110)

"Lee saw flags floating through white smoke, disembodied, like walking sticks. Shell bursts were appearing in the air, white flakes, round puffs...There was a white house nearby, a white rail fence, a dead horse lying in a black mound in the sun...He put his hand down on black dirt, was reminded: Pennsylvania. I am the invader." (p.105) This simile also incorporates the use of color.

Word Swapping:

"[Lee] felt his life beating in his chest." (p.105)

Symbol (Band):

"A band came by, playing an incoherent song, fifes and bugles." (p.106) When the army is confident, the band is described as Shaara as playing loud and proud. Now that the skirmish’s outcome is unsure and no one really knows what’s going on, the song is incoherent.

Imagery (Olfactory):

"The smell of hot guns, of blasted earth, the sweet smell of splintered trees." (p.106)

Cliffhanger Ending:

"He [Lee] picked up the glasses, waiting for Ewell’s attack. No attack began." Why didn’t the attack begin? What will happen as a result?

Table of Contents | Printable Version

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MonkeyNotes-The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara



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