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Free MonkeyNotes Summary-Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett-BookNotes
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1. Critically evaluate the play as an absurd drama, using specific examples of paradoxical Themes and ideas that seem bizarre and complicated.

2. Discuss the body/soul relationship in terms of Estragon and Vladimir's relationship.

3. Discuss the relationship between Pozzo and Lucky paying particular attention to dependency and control.

4. What are some similarities between the Gogo/Didi relationship and the Pozzo/Lucky relationship? Some differences?

5. Critics say Waiting for Godot has no real meaning. What are some examples of possible Themes and explorations, however confusing, that Beckett develops?

6. Make a list of some symbols in the play and describe in a few words what each represents.

7. Discuss Beckett's attitude toward hope in the play. Are there any real signs of hope?

8. Do you consider Waiting for Godot to be a tragedy? A comedy? Why?

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