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Free Study Guide-Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe-Free Notes
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Minor Characters (continued)

Tom Loker and Marks

They are slave catchers hired by Haley to track down Eliza and Harry. Both are unscrupulous and relentless in their chase. They finally track them down to the Quaker settlement. There is a shoot out in which Loker is injured and Marks abandons him. Loker eventually becomes a trapper of animals instead of men, forsaking slavery as a lifestyle.

Sam and Andy

The two slaves on the Shelby plantation who are ordered to help track Eliza and Harry. They do their best to delay the search.

Mose, Pete and Pally

Tom and Chloe's children

Mr. Symmes

A man who knows the Shelbys and helps Eliza on the opposite bank of the Ohio River.

Mr. Wilson

A manufacturer who had once employed George. He is appreciative of George's invention, unlike George's owner Mr. Harris. When he meets George in a daring disguise in a small country hotel he first tries to dissuade him from running away but later helps him by giving him same money.

Mr. Harris

George Harris' former master. He was angry with George for inventing a machine that saved time.

Rachel and Simeon Halliday

An elderly Quaker couple who shelter George, Eliza, and Harry in their house.

Phineas Fletcher

A Quaker who helps George, Eliza, and Harry escape.

Grandma Stephens (Dorcas)

A Quaker who nurses Loker back to health.

Jim Selden

A black man who had come from Canada to help his old mother escape. He joins George and Eliza at the Quaker settlement after rescuing his mother.

Mrs. Symth

A respectable woman from Canada who helps George, Eliza, and Harry board a ship that takes them to Amherstberg, Canada.


A slave woman whom Haley buys on the way to New Orleans. When he sells her son she drowns herself in the Mississippi.

Alfred St. Clare

He is Augustine St. Clare's twin brother. He is the opposite of Augustine in every respect. He believes in the supremacy of the Anglo-Saxon race.


Alfred St. Clare's son who is influenced by Eva. He promises her that he will be kind to his slaves.

Susan and Emmeline

Susan is a mulatto slave and her daughter Emmeline is a quadroon. Both are in the same warehouse as Tom, waiting to be sold. Legree buys Emmeline with the intention of replacing his mistress, Cassy.

Sambo and Quimbo

Legree's black slave drivers who are as brutal and merciless as him. However, Tom manages to convert them before he dies.


A slave on Legree's plantation. Tom helps her by and is severely beaten for refusing to flog her.

Madame de Thoux (Emily)

She is George Harris' sister. By coincidence she is on the same boat as Cassy, Emmeline, and George Shelby. She finances George's education after she is reunited with him.

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Free Study Guide-Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe-Free Summary


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