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MonkeyNotes-Ulysses by James Joyce
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Episode X

Bloom’s examination of the bookstalls is in search of a novel for his wife. He examines and rejects some pornographic pieces. He chooses Sweets of Sin, a conventional and erotic piece which will well suit Molly. Quotations from it are given. Several phrases of the book stick in Bloom’s mind through the rest of the novel.

Episode XI

A bell rings in Dillon’s auction rooms to start the sale. Another bell rings to mark a lap of a bicycle race. Dilly Dedalus hears the auctioneer’s bell. Her father, Simon, has come back from the funeral drunk and broke. Cursing, he hands over what money he has to his distressed and embarrassed daughter. The Earl of Dudley’s parade gets under way.

Episode XII

Mr. Kernan, the commercial traveler, after attending Dignam’s funeral, walks along the street. He applauds the success of his recent deal with Pulbrook Robertson. He admires his own excellent appearance as he spots it in a mirror. As he comes to Ireland Street his mind turns to the romantic history of Ireland, especially the adventures of Sir Edward Fitzgerald. He just misses the Earl of Dudley’s parade. He is annoyed with his ill luck.

Episode XIII

Stephen is looking in the window of a jeweler’s shop. He remembers episodes of his past life involving jewels. He compares the work of the gem cutter with that of the artist. He looks into the window of a print shop. He examines the bookstalls, half-expecting to see some of his pawned school- prizes there. Suddenly he sees his sister Dilly who has paid a penny for a book on French grammar. He is filled with an overwhelming pity for his wretched sister. She has been trying to improve herself in spite of her miserable penury.

Episode XIV

Simon Dedalus meets Father Cowley who is defending himself against the bailiffs who have come to seize his property. Ben Dollard is trying to help. He and Simon chat about the priest’s situation. Apparently, Father Cowley’s landlord has a prior claim on the property. So the present bailiffs are discomforted.

Episode XV

Martin Cunningham and Mr. Power are still discussing the Dignam funeral. They discuss also the subscription list they have opened for Paddy Dignam’s orphans. Cunningham notes that he has been in touch with Father Conmee. Bloom put his name down for five shillings and paid at once. But Cunningham and Power find it hard to get other subscribers. They hear the noise of passing horses. They turn in time to see the Lord Lieutenant Governor’s procession.

Episode XVI

Mulligan and Haines are eating together in a restaurant. They see Parnell’s brother playing chess in the corner. Mulligan speaks about Stephen. He says that Stephen’s Jesuit education has maddened him with the fear of damnation. Haines wonders if Stephen will write anything for the Irish movement. Mulligan finds the idea amusing. Bloom’s religious tract is now out in the mouth of the river.

Episode XVII

Artifoni, having missed his tram, walks past Holles Street. He is followed by the mad Cashel Boyle Farrell and the blind boy Bloom had helped across the road.

Episode XVIII

Paddy Dignam’s son, Patrick Aloysius, dawdles along the street. He looks in shop windows, savoring his moment of distinction as a bereaved orphan. He recollects the drunken last hours of his father.

Episode XIX

The Earl of Dudley’s procession moves across the town. In the manner of a formal newspaper report, the account of its movement is given, with a listing of spectators, and those who miss seeing it.

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MonkeyNotes-Ulysses by James Joyce


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