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MonkeyNotes-The Turn of the Screw by Henry James
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The Governess

The narrator of the story, she presents the characters and the incidents as seen through her eyes. Charmed by her employer, she accepts work in a remote house in Bly to look after his orphaned niece and nephew. She is emotional, prejudiced and opinionated.

Mrs. Grose

The housekeeper at Bly, she is a simple woman and a sincere worker. She respects her master and loves the children. She is happy to have the governess at Bly and is in awe of her.


Brother of Flora, he is a ten year old boy when the governess first meets him. He comes home from school during the summer holidays but stays back at Bly because the principal of his school sends home a letter notifying his dismissal from the institution. He is highly intelligent and talented.


A cherubic child, she becomes friendly with the governess as soon as the latter arrives at Bly. She is an obedient student and a doting sister. However, when the governess starts looking at her with suspicion, she refuses to be with her any longer.


The Narrator

He is the anonymous person who opens the novel and talks about Douglas and his horrifying tale. However, unlike the usual narrators who open and close the tale, this person does not conclude the story.


He is the man who volunteers to relate a mysterious story about two children, to the visitors at the inn. He introduces the governess to the readers and reads out her story.


He is the master of the house at Bly, the guardian of the children and the employer of the governess. He appears to be a mysterious character who desires to be left alone and not bothered with the responsibility of his wards. The governess is in awe of him and this is the main reason why she accepts this position.

Miss. Jessel

She was the former governess of the children at Bly. She got emotionally involved with Peter Quint. Later, she had left Bly and died under mysterious circumstances. She appears as a ghost to the governess.

Peter Quint

A former employee at Bly, he had played with the sentiments of young ladies like Miss. Jessel. He too had died in a mysterious accident. The governess believes that he has cast his evil influence on the children.


A servant at Bly who does odd jobs and runs errands for the governess and Mrs. Grose.

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MonkeyNotes-The Turn of the Screw by Henry James


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