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MonkeyNotes-Tar Baby by Toni Morrison
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Minor Characters

Gideon - He is a black man working at the villa who has been employed by Valerian. Eventually he is fired by Valerian because Therese and he have stolen apples. Gideon plays the role of mentor to Son who has a cosmic connection with this wise and culturally astute man.

Therese - She is the black woman who often comes to the villa L'Arbe de la Croix with Gideon and helps with the household chores. The occupants of the villa know her as Mary and according to Sydney, she might be Gideon's wife, his mother, his daughter, his sister, his woman, his aunt or even his next door neighbor.

Michael - Valerian and Margaret's son. He never appears in person in the novel but the reader learns about him through the conversations of the main characters. He is supposed to be a good- hearted liberal who works to alleviate the problems faced by disempowered communities.

Alma Estee - Once in a while Gideon brings this small-boned girl to L'Arbe de la Croix to help with the odd jobs. She takes an instant liking to Son when she meets him.

Dawn - She is Jadine's friend in New York and offers Son and Jadine her flat for them to stay in. She is very impressed by Son and by his handsome looks.

Nommo - Nommo is a girl whom Son helps in New York. She reminds him of his sister so he takes her to dinner along with Jadine. She later leaves with the change that she can find.

Carl - He drives Son and Jadine to Eloe when they first arrive in Florida. He irks them with a lot of pointed questions all the way.

Soldier - Soldier is one of Son's dearest friends in Eloe. It is Soldier who talks to Jadine about Son's previous relations with women and about his first wife, Cheyenne.

Ellen - She is Soldier's wife living at Eloe and Son asks Jadine to stay with her while he goes and meets his father.

Old Man - Old Man is Son's father. He is still alive when Son comes to the town with Jadine. The Old Man loves his son a lot and keeps all the envelopes that Son had sent him over the years for memory's sake.

Drake - He is another close friend of Son's.

Aunt Rosa - She is a relative of Son's in Eloe. Old Man insists that Jadine stay with Aunt Rosa as a sign of respect for the residents of Eloe.

Ernie Paul - He is yet another childhood friend of Son's who decides to come down to see him from Montgomery.

Cheyenne - She is Son's first wife who is killed accidentally in a fire. Son has caused her death and has to leave Eloe or he else he will be held guilty for her murder.

Sally Brown - She is Cheyenne's mother and she dies before Son reaches Eloe. Son has been more terrified of her than he was of the law.

The woman in yellow - Jadine sees this beautiful black woman in a yellow dress in the supermarket. She has skin the color of tar and attracts everybody's attention. Jadine cannot forget the way this woman insulted her. She is charmed by her beauty and often sees her in her dreams.

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MonkeyNotes-Tar Baby by Toni Morrison


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