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MonkeyNotes-The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner
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Minor Characters

Maury Bascomb - Mrs. Compson's brother, Uncle Maury. He does no work at all and is dependent upon his sister's family for money.

Dalton Ames - Caddy's first boyfriend. He is most probably Miss Quentin's father.

Herbert Head - The man whom Caddy marries. He deserts her and refuses to acknowledge Caddy's newborn child as his own.

Shreve McKenzie - Quentin's roommate at Harvard University. He is a Canadian.

Spoade - Another college mate of Quentin's.

Gerald Bland - A Harvard student. He reminds Quentin of Dalton Ames. He has a good relationship with his mother.

Mrs. Bland - Gerald's mother. She takes a lot of interest in her son's education, hobbies and general activities.

Roskus - Dilsey's husband. He also works the Compson household.

Frony - Dilsey's daughter. She helps out in the kitchen.

Versh and T.P. - Dilsey's sons. They are in charge of Benjy in the early part of his life.

Luster - Frony's son. He is Benjy's attendant in the present time of the story. Luster is quite painstaking in this duty but there are also occasions when he bullies and harasses Benjy.

Deacon - a Negro attendant at Harvard University, whom Quentin entrusts with his suicide letters.

Earl - the proprietor of hardware store where Jason Compson is employed.

Uncle Job - a Negro employee doing odd jobs for Earl.

Damuddy - Grandmother of the Compson children who dies in 1898.

A Little Italian Girl - Quentin meets her just by chance and shows her some kindness by buying her some bread. He is accused of having kidnapped the girl and is fined a few dollars.

Julio - the litter Italian girl's brother, who accuses Quentin of kidnapping her.

Anse - the Marshall who takes Quentin into custody.

"The man with the red tie" - Miss Quentin's boyfriend, a circus performer. It is with him that she runs away.

Charlie - one of Caddy's boyfriends.

Lorraine - Jason's mistress in Memphis.

Mrs. Patterson - the woman with whom Uncle Maury is having an affair.

Mr. Patterson - Her husband, who assaults Maury when he finds out about the affair.

Reverend Shegog - A Negro preacher. He gives a very good sermon on Eastern Sunday.

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MonkeyNotes-The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner


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