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Free Study Guide-Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen-Free Book Notes
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1. Who inherits the property of Norland Estate and why?

2. Explain the title of the novel.

3. How does Fanny Dashwood convince her husband not to give financial support to his sisters?

4. How does Elinor meet Edward Ferrars?

5. Why does Mrs. Dashwood decide to move with her daughters to Barton Cottage?

6. Describe Sir John and Lady Middleton.

7. How does Austen create humor through the character of Mrs. Jennings?

8. How does Marianne meet Willoughby? Why does she like him?

9. Compare and contrast Willoughby and Colonel Brandon.

10. Why does Willoughby leave for London? What is the reaction of the Dashwood family to his departure?

11. How do the Steele sisters arrive at the Park? How similar are they to the Dashwood girls?

12. What does Lucy reveal to Elinor? What is Elinor's reaction? Describe the encounter between Marianne and Willoughby at the party.

13. Why does Mrs. Ferrars disown Edward? How does the Colonel help Edward?

14. What does Colonel Brandon reveal to Elinor about his past and Willoughby?

15. Describe Mrs. Ferrars. Why does she prefer Lucy Steele to Elinor?

16. How are Fanny Dashwood and Lady Middleton similar?

17. What happens at Cleveland?

18. Why does Willoughby make a visit to Cleveland? What is his confession?

19. Why does Edward make his appearance at Barton?

20. Why does Lucy Steele marry Robert Ferrars?

21. How does Edward's financial situation improve?

22. How do Elinor and Marianne become neighbors?


1. What contribution does Sense and Sensibility make to our understanding of the theme of the "Constitution of the Self"?

2. How satisfactory is the ending of Sense and Sensibility?

3. Discuss Austen's examination of the notion that there are moral constraints on what can be said, asked and known.

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Free Study Guide-Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen-Online Summary


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