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MonkeyNotes-Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
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When the story begins, the setting is England. Some of the action thereafter takes place at sea in various ships. Once the pirates capture Crusoe, the action moves to Sallee, a port in Morocco. After Crusoe's escape from there, the setting moves to the Canary Islands, until a Portuguese ship arrives. For the next few years, the novel is set in Brazil. Then Crusoe embarks on his ill-fated voyage. After the shipwreck, Crusoe washes ashore on an uninhabited island, where Crusoe spends the next twenty-eight years of his life; most of the novel takes place on the island during these years. After Crusoe is rescued from the island, the setting moves to England, via Lisbon and the land route through Spain and France to Calais.


Major Characters

Robinson Crusoe - a young man who strongly desires to become a sailor. In spite of his family's opposition, he runs away to go to sea. His adventures lead him all over the world, but his most important journey is a spiritual one.

Friday - one of the savages, whom Crusoe rescues from his captors. Crusoe "civilizes" Friday and makes a gentleman and a Christian out of him. Friday remains faithful to Crusoe until the end.

Minor Characters

Crusoe's father - refuses permission to Crusoe to go to sea and warns of the consequences that will follow if he is disobeyed.

A friend - takes Crusoe on his first voyage since his father is the captain of a ship.

Captain of the ship - takes Crusoe on his first profitable voyage, but dies soon after.

The Captain's widow - remains loyal to Crusoe until the end.

The second Captain - teaches Crusoe all about sailing, but is captured by the Moors and is made a slave.

The Pirate Captain - keeps Crusoe as his slave and treats him well.

Moley - a kinsman of the Pirate Captain.

Xury - a young boy who escapes with Crusoe and is later sold by Crusoe.

The Portuguese Captain - rescues Crusoe and Xury and remains a loyal friend of Crusoe.

The friends of Crusoe in Brazil - devise the plan of sending out a ship to get slaves. Two of them die later, but the third one, Crusoe's partner, looks after his estate all the years he is away.

Friday's father - is rescued by Crusoe and Friday and sent to the mainland with the Spaniard.

The Spaniard - is rescued along with Friday's father. He remains faithful to Crusoe and later settles on the island.

The Captain of the English Ship - is rescued by Crusoe and later takes him back to England.

The rest of the crew - loyal ones go back to England; some mutineers are killed; others choose to live on the island.

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MonkeyNotes-Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe


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