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MonkeyNotes-Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy
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Major Characters

Clym (Clement) Yeobright - the native who has returned to Egdon Heath again, giving up a promising career as the business manager to a diamond merchant in Paris. Full of high ideals, he would like to become a "school master to the poor and ignorant." Both his mother and his fiancée are dismayed at his intention.

Eustacia Vye - a highly-strung, passionate, lovely young woman of nineteen. She is conscious of her beauty and has a timeless wisdom that she knows how to use to her advantage. She craves the glamour and intensity of a fast life that is not found on Egdon Heath.

Damon Wildeve - the keeper of the Quiet Woman Inn and a reputed lady-killer. He is an ex-engineer, Thomasin Yeobright's husband, and Eustacia's one-time lover.

Diggory Venn - a reddleman by trade. He is only twenty-four years old and is passionately devoted to the cause of Thomasin Yeobright's happiness; he loves her selflessly even after her marriage to Wildeve and finally wins her as his wife in the last book of the novel.

Mrs. Yeobright - Clym's mother. She is a well-known and respected widow, who has a lot of convictions and the courage to state them.

Thomasin (Tamsin) Yeobright - a pretty maid by local standards. She is Clym's cousin and Mrs. Yeobright's niece, and later, Damon Wildeve's wife. She is a gentlewoman who feels comfortable in a conventional and traditional way of life.

Minor Characters

Captain Vye - Eustacia's grandfather. He is a former sailor who is old but sprightly. Eustacia lives in his house at Mistover.

Timothy Fairway - a middle-aged man who is a furze dealer. He is fond of voicing his opinions and is respected by the people of the Heath.

Humphrey - a furze cutter. Clym asks him for information about his profession.

Sam - a turf cutter.

Susan Nunsuch - a woman who believes Eustacia is a witch. She attacks her in church once and then tries, through supernatural means, to fight her "evil" influence on her son Johnny.

Johnny Nunsuch - the son of Susan Nunsuch. He is a young sickly boy who is with Mrs. Yeobright just before her death.

Olly Dowden - a "civil" woman who makes a living out of making "besoms" or heath brooms.

Charley - a sixteen-year-old admirer of Eustacia that works for Captain Vye.

Christian Cantle - Grandfather Cantle's meek, weak, and timid thirty-one-year-old son.

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MonkeyNotes-Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy


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