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MonkeyNotes-The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene
Table of Contents


Major Characters

The Whisky Priest

The protagonist of the book who is supposedly the last surviving priest in a province where churches have been closed down. He is trying to escape to another province for safety since the police and the army are searching for him. Since he remains unnamed throughout the book, Greene is using him as a representative of "every man"; there is some of the Priest, both the good and the bad, in all of us.

The Lieutenant

The antagonist of the Whisky Priest. He is an ambitious young man who wishes to see his country free from poverty, superstition, and ignorance. Since he believes that the priests play a negative role in the country, he is determined to capture this last priest and rid the country of the negative influences of religion. In the end, he succeeds in capturing the Whisky Priest.


The woman with whom the Whisky Priest commits adultery.


The illegitimate daughter of the Whisky Priest and Maria.

Padre José

A weak Priest who, in order to save his life, gives up his religion and marries.

The Chief of Police

A character who is more interested in billiards than his duties.

The Mestizo

A half-Spanish and half-Indian man who shrewdly betrays the Priest.

James Calvin (The Gunman or The Gringo)

A bank robber and murderer who is pursued by the Mexican police throughout the book. Although he is frequently discussed in the novel, the reader meets him only once, at his deathbed.

Minor Characters

Mr. Tench

An English dentist who is stranded in Mexico.

Captain Charles Fellows

A foreigner and a trader who operates the Central American Banana Company and who is resented by the Mexicans.

Mrs. Trix Fellows

Captain Fellows' wife.


A fourteen-year-old Mexican boy.

Luis' mother

A woman with a strong Catholic faith who always reads to Luis and his sisters from pious story books smuggled into the province.

Luis' father

A cynic who believes that his wife's faith is futile.

Table of Contents

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MonkeyNotes-The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene


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