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Free Study Guide-The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver-Free Summary
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Study Questions (answer key below)

1. Why does Orleanna marry Nathan?

A. She is madly in love with him.
B. Her aunt suggests marrying him.
C. Nathan proposes.

2. What denomination were the Fowlers a part of?

A. Catholic
B. Protestant
C. Baptist

3. What is Nathanís explanation for why the Fowlers left?

A. Their term was up
B. The people didnít like them
C. Mr. Fowler had consorted with the natives.

4. What religious ritual is Nathan most obsessed with?

B. Marriage
C. Communion

5. Why do the people consistently resist baptism?

A. They donít understand it.
B. They believe it is wrong
C. They are afraid of the crocodiles.

6. What is wrong with Nathanís garden?

A. There are too many weeds.
A. The plants wonít grow in the heat.
B. The plants do not produce fruit.

7. Which one of the girls longs to be close to her father?

A. Leah
B. Adah
C. Rachel

8. Why is Anatole marked with a strange pattern on his face?

A. He is part of a bizarre cult
B. The pattern was a manhood rite.
C. The markings indicate that he is an orphan

9. What does Ruth May find in Anatoleís plane?

A. Money
B. Raw diamonds
C. Secret documents

10. Which of the girls is the first to come across evidence of pending war?

A. Ruth May
B. Rachel
C. Leah

11. The "boy scouts" who are practicing their march are probably

A. Young soldiers of the nationalist movement.
B. Pygmy men on a hunt
C. Belgium soldiers trying to maintain control. (answer: A)

12. What mechanism is used for a voting ballot among the Congolese people?

A. Paper
B. Raising hands
C. Pebbles in bowls.

13. What unfortunate gift does Anatole give to Leah?

A. A dead rabbit
A. A bow and arrow
B. A houseboy.

14. What white convention does Tata Ndu use against the white people?

A. Elections
B. Baptism
C. Gift giving.

15. What class of Kilanga people make up the congregation of Nathanís church?

A. The women
B. The undesirables
C. The chiefs

16. Why does Tata Ndu suddenly appear to become friendly with the Price family?

A. He has been converted
B. He is afraid of Nathan
C. He is trying to negotiate for Rachel

17. Why does Orleanna save Ruth May from the ants instead of Adah?

A. She loves Ruth May the best
B. Adah is crippled and not worth saving.
C. Ruth May is the youngest

18. Why does Rachel remain in Africa?

A. She believes she would no longer fit in at home.
B. Axelroot has her imprisoned
C. She has learned to love Africa

19. Where is Ruth Mayís hiding place?

A. A little box
B. The green mamba snake
C. The hen house

20. Why does Orleanna tell her story?

A. For the art of story telling
B. She is seeking forgiveness
C. She is telling it to a journalist

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Free Study Guide-The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver-Free Summary


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