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MonkeyNotes-The Ox-Bow Incident by Walter Van Tilburg Clark
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Bartlett - the owner of a small ranch. Worried about the cattle rustlers, he gives an impassioned speech about forming a posse.

Canby - the owner and bartender of the saloon that is the popular meeting place in Bridger's Wells.

Carnes - the guard on the stagecoach who fires into the posse, wounding Art's shoulder.

Drew - the owner of the largest ranch in the valley. Most of the hands seen in the novel work on his ranch, including Kinkaid and Farnley.

Farnley - a hand on Drew's ranch and a friend of Kinkaid. He distrusts Art and Gil, but invites them to play poker at Canby's saloon. Gil does not like his superior attitude and gets into a fight with him. He is infuriated about Kinkaid's murder and is eager to join the posse and find the killers.

Gabe - the assistant to Winder, the stage coach driver. A very prejudiced man, he eagerly joins the posse.

Greene - the young man who rides in to town to tell everyone about Kinkaid's murder.

Jenny Grier (called Ma Grier) - the owner of a boarding house in Bridger's Wells. She joins the posse.

Joyce - the clerk in Davies' general store.

Judge Tyler - the judge in Bridger's Wells, who is not well liked.

Kinkaid - a worker on the Drew ranch. His murder sets the action of the novel in motion.

Mapes - the deputy of Sheriff Risley who supports the formation of the posse and the lynchings.

Monte Smith - the town bum of Bridger's Wells. He makes bad, distasteful jokes about lynching. After the posse returns to town, he is ready to tell the story of the lynching to everyone.

Moore - the foreman on the Drew ranch. He is the only man present to take the leadership of the posse, but he does not do it.

Osgood - the minister at the local church who does not seem to have strong convictions.

Risley - the sheriff of the valley. Since his territory is so large, he is seldom found in Bridger's Wells and is not present when the posse is formed.

Rose Mapen - a beautiful woman who Gil dated in Bridger's Wells. She has been run out of town by the married women, who are afraid that she will attract their husbands.

Small - the driver of the stagecoach encountered by the posse.

Sparks - an elderly black man who works at odd jobs and joins the posse.

Winder - the stagecoach driver who eagerly joins the posse.

Carl Bartlett, Nate Bartlett, Mark - other members of the posse

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MonkeyNotes-The Ox-Bow Incident by Walter Van Tilburg Clark


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