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Free Study Guide-Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens-Online Book Notes
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Major Characters


An orphan endowed with a natural goodness and an instinct for survival, is the protagonist of the novel who fights against the forces of evil to establish his identity in a moral world.

Mr. Brownlow

A respectable gentlemen, belonging to the middle class rescues Oliver from the criminals and later adopts him as his son.


A young maiden who is beautiful, kind and large-hearted is Oliver's well-wisher and showers her affection on him. She lives with Mrs. Maylie as her ward.


A stereotyped portrait of a Jew, he is lord of the underworld, wily and greedy and feels delighted to lure young men into his profession.

Bill Sikes

A crude and cruel man, he is an accomplice of Fagin and the boyfriend of Nancy.


A desperate fallen woman with a tender heart, serves Sikes with devotion and helps Oliver in establishing his identity.

Noah Claypole

A charity boy working for Mr. Sowerberry, is responsible for Oliver's Flight to London. Later, he works for Fagin.

Mr. Bumble

A pompous beadle, who later marries Mrs. Corney, is one of Oliver's oppressors and Dickens' comic characters.

Minor Characters


Oliver's half-brother and his antagonist, is an embodiment of evil.

John Dawkins

He is referred to as the Artful Dodger, and is responsible for Oliver's entry into the underworld.

Charley Bates

A fun-loving thief, is Dodger's companion.


A member of the criminal world, returns to Fagin's den after a term of imprisonment."

Toby Crackit

A housebreaker and an accomplice of Sikes, is a cheerful drinker.


Toby Crackit's servant.


Noah Claypole's girl-friend, is devoted to her man and is willing to be his accomplice in crime.


Chitling's girl-friend, is a fallen woman like Nancy.

Mrs. Corney

The stern matron of the workhouse who marries Mr. Bumble, reveals Oliver's secret to Monks.

Mr. Grimwig

A friend of Mr. Brownlow, who doubts Oliver's integrity.

Mrs. Bedwin

The housekeeper for Mr. Brownlow, who champions Oliver's integrity.

Dr. Losborne

A medical practitioner and a friend of the Maylies' who saves Oliver from the clutches of the law.

Harry Maylie

The son of Mrs. Maylie, is devoted to Rose and marries her.

Mrs. Maylie

A kind, good natured woman and the guardian of Rose who becomes Oliver's companion.

Mr. Gamfield

A greedy chimney-sweeper, tries to take Oliver as his apprentice.

Mr. Sowerberry

The undertaker who makes Oliver his apprentice, is the first man who favors Oliver.

Mrs. Sowerberry

The imposing wife of the undertaker, who ill-treats Oliver.

Mrs. Mann

The matron of the farm workhouse, who abuses children and pockets their stipends.

Old Sally

The nurse who attended on Oliver's mother, and who reveals the secret of his birth to Mrs. Corney.


A sick child brought up in the farm workhouse, whose blessing Oliver carries to London and cherishes all his life.

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