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MonkeyNotes-Of Human Bondage by William Somerset Maugham
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Philip Carey - an orphan with a clubfoot. He is the protagonist of the novel whose story Maugham traces from age nine to thirty.

William Carey - the uncle of Philip and the vicar of Blackstable. He is self-centered and rigid in his views.

Mildred Rogers - Philip's antagonist on one level. Selfish, shallow, and flirtatious, she successfully lures Philip with her charms.

Thorpe Athelny - a boisterous journalist. He is a loving family man who becomes Philip's friend, philosopher, and guide.


Mrs. Carey - the kind and gentle wife of the vicar. She loves Philip and helps him fulfil his desires.

Mr. Perkins - one of Philip's well-wishers. He is the scholarly headmaster of King's School at Tercanbury.

Rose - Philip's best friend in school. He is smart and intelligent.

Hayward - an idealist and a literary critic. He meets Philip in Heidelberg and becomes his friend.

Emily Wilkinson - the spinster governess who lures Philip into an affair .

Fanny Price - an untalented artist. She studies painting with Philip and falls in love with him.

Clutton - a talented artist in Paris who is critical of other's works.

Lawson - a competent artist who manages to establish his identity in the world of art. He is a good friend of Philip.

Ruth Chalice - a talented artist and the girlfriend of Lawson. She is a kind and good-natured woman.

Cronshaw - a Bohemian British poet and philosopher who lives in poverty. He befriends Philip and spends the last part of his life with him.

Norah Nesbit - a charming young writer who loves Philip. She has an affair with him.

Griffith - a medical student and a friend of Philip who has an affair with Mildred.

Macalister - the philosopher and stockbroker who advises Philip to invest.

Dr. South - a cynical country doctor. He befriends Philip and invites him to become his partner.

Mrs. Athelny - Athelny's wife and the mother of nine children. She is kind and unassuming.

Sally - the eldest child of the Athelnys who loves Philip. She is charming and determined in manner.

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MonkeyNotes-Of Human Bondage by William Somerset Maugham


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