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Free Study Guide-A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt-Free Book Summary
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SHORT PLOT/SCENE SUMMARY (Synopsis) (continued)

Someone arrives from Hampton Court telling More that he is to go to Hampton Court to answer charges before Secretary Cromwell.

More goes before Cromwell. Rich is also there. He is to take notes. At first Cromwell says that there are no charges, just some questions. Cromwell questions More about a book titled “A Defence of the Seven Sacraments” that the King wrote. Didn’t More actually write the book? More only helped the King write it by answering questions that the King had.

Then Cromwell started asking More questions about the marriage between Henry and Queen Anne, Henry’s wife at the time. Anne Boleyn had been beheaded and replaced by Anne of Cleves. More reminds Cromwell that he is not to be asked questions on the subject. More says that the reason for all this is to terrify him, but he is not easily terrified. Cromwell tells More that the King believes that More is treasonous.

After More leaves, Cromwell tells Rich that he is sure that they can get More. Once he is destroyed, there will be no need for him to say anything.

As he tries to flag down a boat for the ride home, More meets the Duke of Norfolk. More thinks that it would be better for Norfolk if he was no longer a friend of More. He tries to insult Norfolk, but it is a difficult task.

Margaret and Will Roper approach More. Roper tells him about a new Act of Parliament. Everyone is to take an oath, or be guilty of treason.

More is now in jail. The Duke of Norfolk, Cromwell, and Archbishop Cranmer are there. They are a commission, the seventh commission to investigate More. They question More and find out that he is willing to accept the offspring of Anne as legitimate heirs to the throne of England. So, why won’t he sign the Act of Succession? Cromwell reminds the group that there is more to the Act than succession. More won’t say to what in the Act he objects, or even if he objects to any of it. More explains that he cannot be executed for not signing, only for having treasonable reasons for not signing.

The jailer is offered a bribe if he will say that he overheard More say something treasonous.

Another day, More’s family is allowed to visit him in jail after Margaret promises to get him to change his mind. Margaret has an idea. More can take the oath without changing his mind. More cannot do that. An oath is said to God. Margaret tells More that he has already done as much as God requires. Margaret describes how bleak their home is without him. More has a plan. He wants the family to leave England. Margaret agrees to his plan. More finally gets Alice to accept what he is doing, although she still does not understand.

Later, at the Hall of Westminster, a sham trial is held for Sir Thomas. The setting and the jury make the trial seem all right, but that is just a cover. More is charged with denying King Henry VIII his rightful title of Supreme Head of the Church of England. More denies the charge. He has been silent on the subject. He is already serving the maximum sentence he can be given for his silence.

The Duke of Norfolk tells More that the charge is now High Treason, for which the charge is death. More says that even kings die. Cromwell interprets that to be a treasonous statement.

Cromwell addresses the jury. He says that at times silence speaks and everyone understands what More’s silence means.

More says that the maxim is “Silence gives consent.” If something is taken from his silence, it must be consent, not denial.

Richard Rich is a witness. He perjures himself and says that More told him that Parliament does not have the power to make King Henry VIII Head of the Church.

Cromwell pushes the jury to give a verdict without retiring for consideration. More is to be beheaded.

And, soon More is beheaded.

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Free Study Guide-A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt-Free Plot Synopsis


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