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Free Study Guide-The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery-Book Notes
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The Little Prince does not answer any questions about himself, making him seem very mysterious to the narrator. His curiosity is further aroused when the Little Prince asks him whether he has also come from another planet. Finally, the Prince says that the place from where he has come is so small that nobody can go very far by going straight ahead. The narrator is certain that the little man has come from another planet and speculates which one it might be. He decides that the Prince is probably from asteroid B- 612 and explains how a Turkish astronomer discovered the asteroid.

The narrator interrupts the plot to explain his purpose in writing this book, which he has written in memory of his friend, the Little Prince. In it, he wants to show how adults are obsessed with facts and figures and fail to understand the real meaning of things. He then explains how important this book is for him and how he does not want it to be misinterpreted.


As he converses with the Little Prince, the narrator closely observes his character traits. He seems quaint in his habits, persistent in having his own questions answered, and a bit sad. He is also mysterious, refusing to answer any direct questions related to himself. The narrator, however, does find out that he comes from another planet, which is very small; he assumes that asteroid B-612, discovered by a Turkish astronomer, is probably the Little Prince's home. The narrator then tells how most adults did not take the Turkish astronomer seriously at first; then when he dressed in formal wear and gave a formal presentation, filled with facts and figures, the people believed in his discovery. The narrator is again pointing out the hypocritical ways of most adults, who thirst for meaningless facts and figures and fail to see what is really important.

The narrator says it is important to give the homeland of the Little Prince a name. Otherwise, he fears that no adults will take the Prince's story seriously. They will, however, probably pay attention to a tale about a Prince who hails from Asteroid B-612.

The narrator wants people to read the book with care and sensitivity, for he has suffered in writing down these memories of the Little Prince, whose friendship is of great importance to him.

During these two chapters, it becomes clear that the book will be about the Little Prince and the narrator's friendship with him. It is also obvious that the narrator will not become omniscient, pretending to know and understand everything. Instead, he is vulnerable and uncertain, which makes him appealing to the reader.

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Free Study Guide-The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery-Booknotes


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