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MonkeyNotes-The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper
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The Last of the Mohicans is set in upstate New York, in the area bordering Canada, during the French and Indian War in the mid- eighteenth century. The setting changes rapidly from one scene to another throughout the novel, moving from Fort Edward to the wilderness around Lake George to Fort William Henry to Indian settlements.


Major Characters

Uncas - the son of Chingachgook and the last of the Mohicans. Uncas is extremely bright and intelligent. He is also a fierce fighter and an expert in following trails. He is very obedient to his father and speaks only when his father gives him permission.

Chingachgook - an old chief of the Mohicans and a longtime companion of Hawkeye. Chingachgook is wise and has an aura of dignity. Through his stoicism and bravery, he practically overcomes any kind of tragedy. Like his son, of whom he is very proud, Chingachgook is very brave.

Cora Munro - Munro's elder daughter. Cora is extremely beautiful, with dark hair. She is a very brave, firm and determined young woman who voices her opinions in a frank and easy manner. She frowns on racism and color differentiation. She is in love with the brave Uncas.

Alice Munro - Munro's younger daughter and Cora's half-sister. In contrast to Cora, Alice is blond, fearful and often helpless. She is in love with Major Duncan Heyward.

Hawkeye - He is a white man but yearns to be an Indian. He is an extremely practical, sensible and brave individual. An excellent trapper, trailer, hunter, and fighter, he has an almost legendary reputation with the Indians. He is an upright and idealistic individual who is a combination of both worlds; Indian and European.

Major Duncan Heyward - a young, courageous military man. Duncan is extremely loyal and has a military carriage and bearing. He is in love with Alice, the younger daughter of Munro. He is also a very sensible individual who can be devious if the situation demands.

Magua - the antagonist. Magua is devious and shifty, but at the same time extremely brave. He is not easily fooled and has abundance of native intelligence. He is extremely vengeful and despite hardships, continues to attack the protagonists. Magua is an accomplished orator, able to stir the passions of his people and move them to action.

Minor Characters

Munro - the commander of the English army at Fort William Henry. He is of gigantic frame, with gray hair and an aura of military grandeur. He loves his daughters very much.

Montcalm - the French commander who captures Fort William Henry. He is extremely suave and appears good-natured, yet at times he can be extremely devious. He does not hesitate to double cross the English.

David Gamut - A lanky ungainly man, he accompanies the protagonists through their foray. He is peace loving and extremely impractical, yet very loyal and well-intentioned. He sings gospel songs all the time.

Hard Heart - the leading orator of the Delawares. He speaks cunningly with Magua when the two parley over the Delawares' prisoners.

Tamenund - the most revered elder amongst the Delawares and a legendary warrior. Though wise and just, Tamenund is bitter over his people's treatment at the hands of the whites.

General Webb - The commander of Fort Edward. He refuses to help Munro when Fort William Henry is under attack by the French, leading to the fort's capture.

Table of Contents

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MonkeyNotes-The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper


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