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MonkeyNotes-The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan
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Analyze the character of Weili/Winnie as the embodiment of courage and fortitude in the novel.

Consider The Kitchen Godís Wife from a feminist point of view.

Enumerate the symbolic significance of the mythical story of the Kitchen God in relation to Winnie/Weiliís life.

Discuss the position of women in a feudal Chinese society.

Consider the roles of Auntie Du and Wan Betty in Winnieís life.

Discuss the sweet-sour friendship between Winnie and Helen.

Elucidate Wen Fuís personality in the light of his sadistic tendencies seen in his marriage with Weili as well as his role as a pilot in wartime.

Analyze the various familial relationships as it emerges in the novel.

Does the story telling narrative mode chosen by Amy Tan suit the theme of the novel? If so, discuss the mode with respect to the theme.

Consider Wen Fu as a foil to the personalities of Jimmy Louie and Gan.

Discuss the dangerous escapades undertaken by the pilots and their wives during wartime.

Just as the novel begins with moments of celebration and mourning simultaneously, Winnieís life too is a saga of bitter- sweet memories. Enumerate.

Compare the characters of the cousins-Peanut and Winnie. Also discuss the difference in their attitudes to men and matters and the outcome of their decisions to life.

Does Amy Tan portray female characters in a better light than males in general? Discuss in relation to the differences in the personalities of -Winnie, Helen, Min, Weiliís mother, Auntie Du-among females and among males Wen Fu, Jiang Sao-yen and Jiaguo.

Account the adequate blend of the Chinese practices, customs, superstitions and proverbs within the story. Discuss the contribution of the Chinese history to build up the story. Also describe the apparent changes between the American and feudal Chinese society.

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MonkeyNotes-The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan


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