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MonkeyNotes-The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara
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" ‘I am suspicious of written orders since that affair at Sharpsburg.’ " (p.185) At Sharpsburg Lee was defeated and sent back into the South because his written orders had been intercepted and the Union forces were thus able to predict his every move.

Original Adverbs:

"He said pontifically..." (p.185)

Word Positioning & Stuart’s Absence & Lee vs. Longstreet & Parallel Construction:

Stuart. He ought to be court-martialed.

Would you do it. Court-martial Stuart?

Yes. I would.

Seriously? Or are you just talking?

Longstreet thought a moment. Lee wouldn’t. Lee won’t.

But I would. (p.189)


Lee on the trap of soldiering. (p.191-192)


"That gray tower, that damned rocky hill." (p.195)


" ‘They don’t even need rifles to defend that. All they need to do is roll rocks down on you.’ " (p.201)


Longstreet is forced into an ironic role reversal. Before, he made the case to Lee for a defensive position, now he-- against his better judgment--must play Lee’s role and refuse Hood’s pleas to maneuver in the face of the enemy. Longstreet must do this because there are not strong enough lines of communication to change the battle plans--so if Hood flanked the Union line the rest of the Rebel attack would be put in jeopardy because they had been planning on Hood’s support. An example of what happens when one commander moves out of sync with the others (doesn’t follow orders) is found (p.209) when Sickles moves from Little Round Top because he didn’t like the ground.


"...the air all dead around him." (p.203)


"The bullets whirred by and clipped among the leaves and thunked the trees." (p.205)

Color & Soldiers’ Past Experiences:

" ‘Heat reminds me of Mexico,’ Longstreet said. Visions of those days...white smoke blowing through broken white wheeling in black blotches, silver blotches after the wound."

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MonkeyNotes-The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara


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