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Free Study Guide-Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson-Synopsis
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The novel is set in nineteenth-century London. The first eight chapters of the novel move rapidly between various locations, primarily the street by the back door of Jekyll's house and the interiors of the homes of the principal characters; Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, Dr. Lanyon, and Mr. Utterson. Chapters nine and ten consist of documents written by Lanyon and Jekyll respectively, and are given no specific location.


Major Characters

Dr. Jekyll

A learned doctor who is interested in the "dual" nature of humanity. He compounds a drug that separates and releases his evil side.

Mr. Hyde

The evil part of Dr. Jekyll and the antagonist of the novel.

Mr. Utterson

A respectable and a law-abiding citizen who uncovers most of the mystery surrounding Jekyll and Hyde. He is Jekyll's and Lanyon's friend and lawyer.

Minor Characters

Mr. Enfield

A cousin of Utterson. Enfield gives the first description of Hyde's strangeness and cruelty.

Dr. Lanyon

A successful and respectable doctor and an old friend of both Jekyll and Utterson. He opposes Jekyll's experiments and is crushed by the shock of discovering that Jekyll and Hyde are one.


A faithful servant of Dr. Jekyll. He enlists Utterson's help when he fears that Jekyll has been murdered.

Inspector Newcomen

A police inspector from Scotland Yard. He investigates the Carew murder case.

Mr. Guest

Utterson's chief clerk. He discovers a similarity in the handwriting of Jekyll and Hyde.


Jekyll's footman. He is sent to the back of the house to guard the door should Hyde escape.

Unnamed Maid Servant

A very minor character. She sees Hyde assault Carew and informs the police.

Sir Danvers Carew

The respectable gentleman whom Hyde murders, setting off the search for him by the police.

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Free Study Guide-Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson-Summary


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