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MonkeyNotes Study Guide-Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
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1. Holmes and Watson are incorrect in this deduction from their visitorís cane:
a. his occupation
b. the reason he was given it
c. where he works now
d. where he used to work

2. This person discovered and reported the death of Sir Charles Baskerville:
a. Barrymore
b. Dr. Mortimer
c. Mrs. Barrymore
d. Stapleton

3. The member of the Baskerville line that fled to South America was:
a. Hugo
b. Charles
c. Rodger
d. Henry
4. The letters of the note warning Sir Henry were cut from this newspaper:
a. unknown
b. Post
c. Times
d. Devon County Chronicle

5. The cabman reported to Holmes that his passengerís name was:
a. Barrymore
b. Sherlock Holmes
c. Stapleton
d. Hugo

6. Watson hears this sound while he is trying to sleep on his first night in Baskerville Hall:
a. low music
b. footsteps
c. a manís voice
d. a woman crying

7. When pressed, Stapleton says he believes the sound on the moor is this:
a. the hound of the Baskervilles
b. a horse stuck in the marshy ground
c. Selden, the criminal
d. the last of the bitterns

8. Sir Henry does this after Barrymore seems upset at his questioning over the telegram:
a. gives him a raise
b. questions him further over the reason for his uneasiness
c. tells him he can just leave if he is so unhappy
d. gave him some old clothes

9. Stapleton gives this reason for his outburst at the romance between Sir Henry and Miss Stapleton:
a. he did not want to lose his only companion
b. he did not like Sir Henry
c. he did not want his sister around a man with a family curse
d. she was his wife

10. Watson believes Laura Lyons has information on the case because:
a. she told him she did
b. Barrymore said she had come around a few times in the days before Sir Charlesís death
c. he sees a womanís footprint near the spot where Sir Charles died
d. her initials were at the bottom of a partially-burned letter

11. Why does Frankland not report his sighting of the boy carrying food across the moor?
a. he sympathizes with the convict
b. he plans on making a case of it later, claiming that he could not report it since it would be a violation of privacy to report on othersí activities
c. he feels the authorities have not done enough to stop the protests against him
d. the authorities will no longer listen to him

12. The hound accidentally went after Selden because:
a. he was a similar size and shape to Sir Henry
b. he was wearing clothes that smelled like Sir Henry
c. he was closer than Sir Henry, and so caught his scent first
d. Selden had let the hound loose

13. This is Holmesís final clue that leads him to the motive behind the crime:
a. Hugoís portrait
b. Sir Charlesís will
c. Rodgerís portrait
d. Laura Lyonís letter

14. This was what made the hound look fierce and supernatural:
a. neon
b. phosphorus
c. potassium
d. argon

15. This was Stapletonís name and formal career immediately before coming to the moor:
a. Vandeleur, embezzlement
b. Vandeleur, ran school
c. Fraser, ran school
d. Baskerville, entomology

16. Sir Henryís fate was:
a. he is recovering by traveling
b. the hound caused permanent injury to his throat and he died three days later
c. in his fright at seeing the hound, he ran into Grimpen Mire and is presumed dead
d. he decided to leave most of his fortune to the Barrymores and return to Canada

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MonkeyNotes Summary-The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


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