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When Jordan returns to camp after inspecting the bridge, he checks his sacks to ensure that everything is intact since he does not trust Pablo. Once he is comfortable that all of his supplies are present, he joins the others in the cave. As he enters, everyone grows immediately quiet and tense, making him sense that they had been talking about him.

Pablo's immediate confrontation with him confirms Jordan's doubts. The leader of the guerilla band clearly states his opposition to the whole mission. Surprisingly, Pilar challenges Pablo and states that she supports it. Everyone else then agrees with her.

Pablo tries to warn them of the danger involved in the entire operation, but they turn a deaf ear to his warnings. When Pilar calls him a coward, Pablo has no choice but to concede.

When Jordan leaves the cave, Rafael follows him out. He chastises Jordan for not using the opportunity of a confrontation to kill Pablo and begs him to seize the next opportunity to do so. Jordan leaves Rafael and goes back inside the cave. He sits on a stool, watching Pilar and Maria as they wash and dry the dishes. Pilar comments that it is strange that El Sordo has not paid his regular nightly visit. She decides to go and see him the next day and plans to take Jordan and Maria along. It is obvious that she is in favor of an affair between Jordan and Maria.

In the course of the conversation that follows, Jordan reveals that his father, who was a Republican in the United States, shot himself after he was captured by the enemy. Maria says her father tried but could not obtain a weapon to commit suicide. Jordan then asks Maria to leave so he can speak to Pilar in private. When they are alone, he asks Pilar if he should have killed Pablo. Pilar shakes her head and tells him that there is no need to kill Pablo

Jordan goes outside the cave to sleep for the night. When Maria joins him, she reveals that she was beaten and raped by the fascist officers in the prison. Jordan tries to calm her and confesses his love for her. Before falling asleep, they make love.


In the fourth chapter, Pablo openly reveals that he opposes Jordan's mission of destroying the bridge, saying it is too dangerous. Jordan empathizes with his cynicism about the war, for he has also begun to silently question the cause. Pilar, however, is still staunchly behind the Republican effort and voices her support of Jordan's mission. She calls Pablo a coward and says that she will take his place. Because of her challenge, Pablo is shamed into concession and pledges his support.

After the confrontation has passed, the gypsy Rafael scolds Jordan for not taking the opportunity to kill Pablo. Jordan rationalizes that he let the opportunity pass, for he was not sure how the others felt about Pablo. Later he questions Pilar as to whether he has done the right thing in sparing Pablo's life. She assures him that there is no reason to kill the guerilla leader. Jordan's hesitation, however, shows a shift in his attitude. In the beginning, he would easily have shot anyone who voiced opposition to his mission.

In chapter seven, Jordan retires for the evening outside the cave, and Maria joins him. Their love has already begun to bloom. Their emotions are the only positive feature in an otherwise tense and gloomy atmosphere. His love for her will also interfere with his being a full Code Hero. Up until the point that he becomes involved with Maria, Jordan has been dedicated to the cause and willing to sacrifice his life for it, as is expected of all Hemingway heroes. Because of Maria, however, he has a purpose for living beyond his mission.

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