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MonkeyNotes-Dracula by Bram Stoker

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Dracula begins with the protagonist Jonathan Harker in the train to Vienna, Austria. He arrives at Klausenberg, stays at a hotel, and then a carriage takes him to the castle of Dracula in the morning. He arrives at Count Dracula's castle in the dead of the night. The castle is vast and ruined. The tall black windows have no rays of light piercing through them. The broken battlement shows a jagged line. At the beginning, the action moves to England. Then shifts to a lunatic asylum in England. It moves to a wandering ship containing only dead bodies. Afterwards, the action takes place in Hamburg where Jonathan Harker is found in a hysterical way. Then again the action moves to England in a country house, then shifts back to the lunatic asylum. It moves to a graveyard, where vampire Lucy is killed. It shifts to the asylum and then to a ship. Thus, the action completes a full circle when it comes to Transylvania, where Dracula is killed, near Count Dracula's castle.


Major Characters

Count Dracula

The persona, after whom the author named the book. He is suave and persuasive. He is a great orator and very knowledgeable about things ranging from places to politics. He was a tall almost ageless man who can turn himself into a mist, fog, dog or bat at his will. He is clean-shaven except for a long white mustache, clad in black from head to foot. He was a vampire with long, sharp canine teeth.

Jonathan Harker and Mina Harker

They are deeply in love with each other. They are extremely courageous and loyal. There trust and faith in each other is very touching.

Abraham Van Helsing

A learned professor extremely scientific in manner. He has an almost clinical way of killing the vampires. He is also extremely bold and courageous.

Dr. Seward

A young doctor in charge of a lunatic asylum. He is also of a scientific bend. He is in love with Lucy. He is very cool and confident. He is good-looking with a strong jaw and good forehead.

Minor Characters

Lucy Westenra

A young very beautiful girl who is very charming yet very frivolous. She canít decide between her three suitors. She wants to marry all three. After Draculaís attack on her, she becomes a vampire, sly and deadly.

Quincey P. Morris

A young American who is in love with Lucy. He looks very young and fresh. He has had many adventures. He is also very brave.

Arthur Holmwood

A young man who is also in love with Lucy. Lucy also loves him. He is slightly theatrical but brave.

Table of Contents

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MonkeyNotes-Dracula by Bram Stoker


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