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Free Study Guide-The Divine Comedy-The Inferno by Dante Alighieri-Notes
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Minor Characters (continued)

Gianni Schicch

A member of the Florentine Cavalcanti family, Gianni was a good mimic. He is in Hell for having impersonated Buoso Domati, the father of Simone Donati. Simene engaged Gianni to do this so he could alter his father's will to benefit Simone.


A monster in Inferno who personifies Hell. He helps Virgil and Dante by flying them down to the eighth circle.

Gaius Scribonbius Curio

Once a Roman tribune under Pompey, he defected to Caesar's side and persuaded Caesar to cross the Rubicon and march on to Rome. This led to the Roman civil war. Curio is punished in the 9 th Bolgia of the eighty circle.


Half-man, half-beast, bird like creatures found in the wood of Suicides.


The leader of Argonauts. He is in the bolgia of pimps in the eight circle punished along with other seducers.

Judas Iscariot

He was the disciple who betrayed Christ to the Romans for a few pieces of silver.

Jacopo Rusticucci

A warrior-Sodomite punished in the seventh circle.


The Devil, also called Beelzebub and Dis. He led the revolt of the angels against God and now lies impaled in Earth forever as punishment. He symbolizes evil and sin.

Lano of Seina

A member of the wealthy Maconi family of Sienna. He squandered most of his wealth and property.

Loderingo Degli Andalo

A Jovial Friar from Bologna. Punished in Hell in the Bolgia of hypocrites. He was elected jointly to the office of mayor in Florence with Catalane De Malavolti.


He is the judge of Inferno and stands at the entrance of the second circle. It is his task to assign the sinners to various parts of Hell according to their sins.


A half-man, half-bull creature, the guardian of the seventh circle of violence.


Found in the fourth bolgia of the eighth circle with other Soothsayers. She was the first inhabitant of the site of Virgil's home city of Mantue. The city gets its name from her.


Literally, "Evil laws", these are dark-skinned devils, the guardians of the fifth bolgia of barrators (eighth circle).


He is the leader of the Malebranche.


Born at Mecca, founder of the Mohammedan religion (Islam). Dante consigns him to the eighth circle, in the ninth bolgia where sowers of scandal and schism are punished.

Mosca De Lamberti

He was the member of Lamberti family of Florence. His advice led to the division of Florence into the feuding Guelf and Ghibelline parties. He is punished in the 9th bolgia for sowing scandal and causing schism.

Master Adamo

A counterfeiter, persuaded by the Guidi family to practice his evil art in Romena.


The centaur appointed by Chiron to accompany Virgil and Dante. Nessus helps the two poets across the Phlegethon (river of Beijing blood).


He was a giant and made the Tower of Babel through which he tried to ascend to Heaven.

Napoleone and Alessandro of Mangona

Sons of Count Alberto of Mangona. Punished in Caina for killing each other in a fight concerning their inheritance.


The guardian of the fourth circle, where the prodigal and the miserly are punished.

Pier Delle Vigne

Chief counselor of Frederick II of Sicily. But he fell out of favor and was unjustly accused of treachery. Imprisoned on this charge, he killed himself.


The boatman of the river Styx.

Pope Anastasius

Pope Anastasius II, pope from 496 A.D to 498 A.D. he is punished in the sixth circle of Heretics.

Pope Nicholas III

Gian Gaetano degli Orsini, Pope from 1277 to 1280. Punished in Hell for the sin of Simony.

Pier Da Medicina

His home was in Medicina, a town in the Po River valley. He was the instigator of strife between the Polenta and Malatesta family. He is punished in the ninth Bolgia of the eighth circle.

Poliphar's wife

She falsely accused Joseph, son of Jacob and Rachel, of trying to reduce her, while in reality it was she who made improper amorous advances.

SinonThe Greek

He was imprisoned by the Trojans and lying about his Greek loyalty he persuaded them to bring the wooden horse within the city of Troy.

Three Furies

Tisiphone, Megaera and Alecto who appear on a tower of the city of Dis.

Tegghiaio Aldobrandini

A warrior-Sodomite who was a leader of the Guelf party in Florence.

Thais the whore

Found in the second Bolgia of the eighth circle with other flatterers.


A prince of Ithaca, the son of Laertes, the husband of Penelope, and the father of Telemachus. He was one of the principal Greek heroes of the Trojan War. He is in the eighth Bolgia of Deceivers.

Vanni Fucci

The illegitimate son of Euccio de Lazzari. He was a militant leader of the Blacks in Pistora and a thief.

Venedico Caccianem

The head of Guelfs in Bologna from 1260 to 1297. He is in the Bolgia of pimps in the eighth circle.

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Free Study Guide-The Divine Comedy-The Inferno by Dante Alighieri-Notes


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