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MonkeyNotes-Demian by Hermann Hesse
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Franz Kromer

A big boy in the neighborhood. He bullies and blackmails Sinclair. He extorts money by threatening to complain that Sinclair has stolen the apples.

Sinclair's mother

An affectionate lady who looks after her home and children. She creates an atmosphere of goodness in her home.

Sinclair's father

A good and religious person. He looks after his family. He tries to look after and discipline Sinclair, as best as he can.


The maid servant in Sinclair's home. She sings hymns, does housework and maintains cleanliness. Sometimes she argues vehemently with the neighborhood ladies in the butcher's shop.


A pretty, slim, well behaved young girl. Sinclair is deeply influenced by her though he does not even talk to her.


A boy who becomes friendly to Sinclair. He gives great importance to purity, self control and celibacy.

Alfons Beck

The oldest boy in the boarding house. He drinks alcohol in the bar with Sinclair. He knows much about girls and makes embarrassing statements.

Mrs. Jaggelt

The lady who runs the stationary store.

Dr. Follens

A young assistant who teaches Sinclair and other boys. He talks about Abraxas during his lecture in the classroom.

The Old Woman

The old woman who takes Sinclair inside the house in which Demian and his mother lived. She shows Sinclair the photo of Demian's mother.

A lady

She is seen during Sinclair's vacation trip.

A lady

She is also seen during Sinclair's vacation trip. He thinks she is the same lady, but this is not confirmed.


They teach Sinclair and the other boys. Some teach at the Latin school. Others teach at the University.

The Old Servant

An old servant in Demian's house. He brings tea for Sinclair and Demian.

A Japanese

He is seen with Demian. Later Demian prepares for a boxing match as he has promised him.

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MonkeyNotes-Demian by Hermann Hesse


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