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Reuven and Danny now enjoy sharing Gershenson's class; they often discuss what has happened in class and study the lesson together. Reuven, however, still feels strange talking to Danny after a silence of over two years. Danny apologizes for the break up in their friendship, but Reuven is still upset. He mentions that he had needed a friend during his father's ill health.

The boys try to catch up on the last two years. When Reuven asks Danny about the relationship with his father, Danny admits that they still do not talk except during the study of the Talmud. He says, however, that he has learned to enjoy experimental psychology and plans to enter clinical psychology as a profession. He has not yet told his father of his decision. When Reuven sees the rabbi again, he is shocked to see the physical change in him.

Danny's sister gets married in June. After the wedding Reuven visits Danny's house. Reb Saunders speaks cordially to him, with no mention of Zionism. They talk about Reuven's studies, and when he is ready to leave, the rabbi asks him to come again. After he departs, Reuven has a stronger dislike for Reb Saunders than ever.


Although Danny and Reuven are speaking again, Reuven is still upset. The absence of Danny in his life for two years was difficult, especially during his father's illness, and he blames Rabbi Saunders for the entire thing. Even when Danny apologizes for the break-up of their friendship, Reuven is not totally comfortable.

Danny seems calmer after the two-year break. He no longer worships Freud, realizing that some of his theories were not tested and sound. He has also come to terms with experimental psychology and decided to pursue clinical psychology after graduation. He still, however, has not been bold enough to tell his father of his decision.

Danny's sister's wedding to a severe-looking Hasidic Jew emphasizes the fact that few things have changed in the rabbi's family, except for Reb Saunders' appearance. They are still as traditional and narrow-minded as ever. When Reuven goes to their home after the wedding, the rabbi is cordial to him; but Reuven cannot forgive him for breaking up his friendship with Danny for two years. When he leaves their house, he finds himself disliking the rabbi more than ever.

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