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Free Study Guide-Candide by Voltaire-Free Online Book Notes Summary
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The novel begins in the castle of the Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh is Westphalia. The settings then shifts to Walderberghoff- trarbk-dikdorff. Then it shifts to Holland. The next chapter in the novel is set in a boat, which gets shipwrecked. The setting then shifts to Lisbon; and then to Avacena in Sierra Morena. The scene then shifts to Paraguay and then to Eldorado. After this the setting moves to Swinam in Dutch Guiana, Buenos Ayres and Venice. Then it moves to Bordeaux, Normandy, the coast of England and Venice. The scene then shifts to the palatial home of pococurante and then to a hotel. After this the scene shifts to the house of the Prince of Transylvania. The novel ends on Candideís farm.


Major Characters


He is the protagonist of the novel. He is very innocent. He goes through many adventures and gradually matures into an experienced and practical man.


She is the beautiful young daughter of the Baron. She is in love with Candide and finally marries him.

Minor Characters


He is the teacher of Cunégonde. He is considered very learned but he talks a lot of nonsense.


He is a Baron. He has a very nice castle in Westphalia. He is the father of Cunégonde. He kicks out Candide from his castle.

The Baroness

She is the wife of Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh and the mother of Cunegonde. She weighs three hundred and fifty pounds and is therefore greatly respected.

The Baronís sister

She is considered to be Candideís mother. She refuses to marry her lover because he can prove only seventy-one quartering of his noble lineage.


He is a merchant in Surinam. He ill-treats his slave. He cheats Candide.

The Sailor

He is cruel and selfish person. He pushes Jacques who tries to help him during the shipwreck.

Don Issachar

He is a Jew. Cunegonde is sold to him. Candide kills him when he is about to kill him.

The Grand Inquisitor

He is a Christian (catholic). He holds an important position in the Catholic Church. He too is killed by Candide who wants to protect his own interest.

The Dervish

An old man who explains to Candide and others the importance of work. He is a very practical man.


A pessimist, and an exceptionally unhappy man. He is chosen by Candide to accompany him. He has been a victim of shocking atrocities.

The Old Woman

She is the daughter of a Pope and a princess. She is very helpful and practical. She has suffered a lot in life.


He is a cheerful, intelligent and practical man. He has a mixed ancestry and experience as a chorister, sailor, soldier, commercial traveler etc.

The Baronís son

He is the snobbish son of the Baron. He revels in the pride of his family lineage; and creates problems for Candide.


He is an Anabaptist. He is a kind and helpful man. He loses his life during a shipwreck.

Table of Contents | Message Board | Printable Version | Barron's Booknotes

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Free Study Guide-Candide by Voltaire-Free Online Book Notes Summary


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