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Free Study Guide-Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne-Free Synopsis
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In this chapter the focus shifts from what happens on the Tankadere to what happens on the Carnatic. Passepartout had managed to board the Carnatic in spite of his opium intoxication. He goes looking for Fogg on the ship but does not find either his master or Aouda. He starts feeling very angry about Fix for acting so deceitfully and for making him drunk. Passepartout reaches Yokohama on the 13 th and not having anything better to do once he was there, he starts to walk about aimlessly on the street. He felt completely stranded. After roaming the European quarter of the city, he moves to the Japanese quarter. This quarter is described quaintly. Passepartout reached the countryside as well and by now he was very hungry. When night came, he went back to the native part of the city and strolled about for some hours there. He saw ‘yakoonins’- Japanese officers and laughed inwardly at them.


In the previous chapter Verne had recounted the fate of Fogg, Aouda and Fix on the ship Tankadere. Now, Verne uses the simultaneous technique to tell us what is happening with Passepartout. We were curious as to what happened to the intoxicated valet and we learn that in this chapter.

Passepartout manages to get aboard the Carnatic. Inwardly, he is a loyal man and in spite of his intoxication he manages to stagger aboard the Carnatic. He cares about Fogg and that is apparent. He is worried about the fact that he has let down his master but looks forward to apologizing to him. But, he finds that Fogg and Aouda are not on the ship and that’s when he feels truly remorseful. He realizes the treacherous behavior of Fix but is helpless and cannot do anything.

Passepartout has in fact hindered his master’s journey quite a few times. Though he is well meaning he keeps getting into trouble because of his blustering ways.

Passepartout realizes that he has no money once he reaches Yokohama, so he eats all he can on the ship. Indeed, he has a large appetite.

A large chunk of the chapter is devoted to depiction of Yokohama City. Verne has described it in minute detail, so we can imagine our beloved Passepartout roaming the streets. He is hungry and tired but decides against going to the Consulate because he is ashamed of relating his irresponsible behavior to the authorities. Despite his troubles, he still shows an ability to laugh and when he comes across dazzling Japanese patrols, he thinks-‘Hallo! Here’s another Japanese embassy on its way to Europe!’

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Free Study Guide-Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne-Free Summary


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