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Passepartout begins to seriously reflect on the strange chance, which had once more placed Fix on the same route as his master. The valet finally concludes that Fix must be an agent sent by Fogg's fellow members of the Reform Club. Fogg goes ashore to Singapore to see the island with Aouda. They then continue their journey on the Rangoon towards Hong Kong. But this journey is not too smooth and Passepartout is very impatient. He quizzes Fix on the coincidence that Fix is always travelling with them. Fix returns to his cabin perplexed as to how he should now deal with Passepartout. Meanwhile, the valet starts noticing Aouda's love for Fogg. While Fogg always looks unperturbed. Passepartout is angry at the inefficiency of the large ship- Rangoon.


Finally, Passepartout begins to question the fact that Fix is always around them. We are glad that he starts thinking along these lines as we, as readers, know that Fix is against the hero and that he must be caught. But Passepartout being the simpleton that he is, comes to the convenient conclusion that Fix is an agent of the Reform Club members and that he has been asked to follow Fogg around the world. Passepartout is convinced of this idea and even teases Fix on the fact that he is always travelling with them. Fix laughs with Passepartout on that occasion but he is deeply troubled inside. He is worried whether Fogg too has been told about Passsepartout's suspicion. He cannot understand what part Passepartout plays in this game and whether he is aware that his master is a bank robber.

What is interesting to note is Fogg's calm in the midst of disturbed thoughts. While Passepartout is suspicious of Fix and worried about the ship's progress and Fix is anxious about what he should do next; Fogg is completely unruffled. He is a logical man, who has complete faith in rationality and does not depend too much on unpredictable human notions. Fix makes up his mind to deal with Passepartout frankly.

The island of Singapore is described in a few paragraphs and in the meanwhile, Aouda develops love for Fogg. Passepartout is disappointed that Fogg is not reciprocating this love but as we learn later Fogg does love Aouda but is not too effusive about his feelings. This romantic angle that Verne adds to the story keeps the interest of the reader excited.

This chapter focuses on the journey on the Rangoon from Singapore to Hong Kong. There are some important developments in the relationships of the characters with each other.

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Free Study Guide-Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne-Free Summary


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