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Free Study Guide-Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne-Free Synopsis
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Minor Characters (continued)

Colonel Stamp Proctor

At San Francisco Fogg, Fix and Aouda find themselves in Montgomery Street, which is crowded, by the members of two opposing political parties. The opposing members become violent and Fogg’s group is caught in between.

A huge fellow with a red goatee, a ruddy complexion and broad shoulders, raises his fist over Mr. Fogg. Fogg is very angry and later these two men even resort to dueling.

Elder William Hitch Mormon missionary

A priest boards the train from San Francisco to New York at Elko Station. He is a Mormon missionary, who gives a lecture on Mormonism in Car no. 117 of the train.


He is the engine driver of the train bound for New York. When the train stops before Medicine Bow Bridge, which is shaky, it is Forster who suggests a way of getting over. His idea is to take the train over the bridge at a very high speed, which will enable it to pass over.

The guard

Fogg and Colonel Proctor decide to perform a duel on one of the platforms where the train to New York stops. But they are stopped by the guard as the train isn’t stopping there. It is this guard who suggests that they fight aboard the train itself.

The Sioux

These are bold Indians who often attack the trains running across the American continent. A band of Sioux attacks the New York bound train. They are armed with guns and a fierce battle ensues between the passengers and the Sioux.

Fort Kearney Captain

The Captain in command of Fort Kearney meets Fogg. Fogg insists that the Captain allow some of his soldiers to come with him in order to rescue three passengers who are captured by the Sioux. The captain agrees eventually as he is impressed by Fogg’s gallantry.

Driver & Stoker of the train

These two are injured by the Sioux, who attack the New York bound train. As the engine is separated from the train they travel in it in an insensible condition till they recover consciousness. Eventually they both turn the engine back to Kearney station.


An American at Fort Kearney station, offers to transport Fogg and group on a sledge to Omaha station. This skipper of a land craft manages to transfer the group safely to Omaha station in a few hours.

Andrew Speedy

He is the captain of the trading vessel Henrietta, a man of fifty, a sort of sea dog with a growl. He agrees to take Fogg and his companions to Bordeaux but Fogg hijacks the boat and decides to take it to Liverpool instead. The boat finally reaches Queenstown, an Irish port.

Clergyman (Reverend Samuel Wilson)

When Aouda and Fogg decide to get married Passepartout is sent to the clergyman. After meeting the parson he realizes that the next day is not Monday but Sunday. Both Fogg and Passepartout had not realized that they had reached England a full day earlier. The clergyman then is a source of luck.

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Free Study Guide-Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne-Free Summary


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