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Free Study Guide-The Diary of Anne Frank-Free Online Book Notes Summary
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Anne Frank's diary is written and set during World War II during the early 1940s. The country in which all the action takes place is Holland. Anne's family (the Franks) and the Van Daans are hiding in a small area of two to three rooms, with a single window, located in the attic of an office building in Amsterdam; Anne refers to it as the "secret annexe." For two years, these close quarters serve as a shelter and protection for the families against the Nazi enemy.


Major Characters

Anne Frank

A young Jewish girl who writes a diary of her experiences during World War II. From the age of thirteen to fifteen, Anne is in hiding from the Nazis and records her feelings about her trying circumstances and her fears about the war and being captured.

Margot Frank

Anne's sister, who is three years older. She is considered to be more beautiful, intelligent, and talented than Anne.

Otto Frank

Anne's father and the only survivor of the group in hiding. He is a resourceful Jewish businessman who tries unsuccessfully to save his family from Nazi capture. Anne is very close to him and loves him dearly.

Mrs. Frank

Anne's mother. Anne thinks that she is argumentative and overly critical; as a result, she does not feel close to her.

Mr. Van Daan

Otto Frank's Jewish associate who stays in hiding with the Franks, along with his wife and son.

Mrs. Van Daan

The wife of Mr. Van Daan and mother of Peter. She is a quarrelsome woman whom Anne does not really like.

Peter Van Daan

The Van Daans' son. A teenager of about fifteen years of age, he becomes Anne's sweetheart, even though he is shy and quiet.

Mr. Dussel

A Jewish man who joins the Franks in hiding and shares a room with Anne. In his late fifties, he is a dentist by profession and bossy by nature.

Minor Characters


A young typist at the office who is friendly with the ladies in hiding and who helps provide them with supplies.


A young Dutch lady who also helps the Jews in hiding by supplying food and other necessities. Because she always tries to cheer them up, everyone is very fond of her.


Miep's fiancé who seems to be working with some anti-Nazi underground group.

Mr. Koophuis

Otto Frank's friend and business partner who is a great support to the Van Daans and Franks.

Mr. Kraler

A Dutch gentleman who takes responsibility for the group in the secret annex. He works in the office in front of the hiding place and does most of the "under the table" work for the Jews.

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Free Study Guide-The Diary of Anne Frank-Free Online Chapter Summary Notes


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