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Free Study Guide-All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren-Free Book Notes
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1. Explain the significance of the title All the King’s Men.

2. How does the novel start, at the beginning or middle? Explain.

3. How does Robert Penn Warren use the technique of ‘flash back’?

4. How does the poet Warren make his presence felt in the novel?

5. Jack Burden the narrator is more powerful than Burden the character. Do you agree with the statement? If not, why?

6. Trace the growth of Willie Stark, the politician.

7. How does Willie Stark get transformed into Stark, the politician.

8. Why does Willie Stark withdraw his name from the elections, the first time?

9. Describe the event responsible for the intimacy between Stark and Sadie Burke.

10. Describe the circumstances leading to the employment of Jack under Willie Stark.

11. How is ‘Cass Mastern episode’ relevant to the novel?

12. Why does Jack Burden abandon his research on Cass Mastern?

13. Why does Jack Burden decide to undertake research on Irwin’s life?

14. Describe Jack Burden as a historian.

15. Does Burden succeed in imputing Judge Irwin? Who else is exposed along with Irwin?

16. Why does Jack Burden expose the guilt of Governor Stanton to Adam and Anne?

17. How do Adam and Anne react to their father’s guilt?

18. How does Anne get involved with Willie Stark?

19. What is Jack’s reaction to the affair between Anne and Stark?

20. How does Adam react to the offer made by Stark? Why does he change his decision later?

21. Why does Stark agree to give the contract for the hospital to Gummy Larson?

22. How does Irwin get killed?

23. What is the secret revealed by Jack’s mother to her son? How does Jack react to it?

24. What are the two scandals in which Tom is involved? How does it affect Willie Stark?

25. How does Tom meet with an accident and how severely is he injured?

26. Why does Stark retrace his decision to give the contract to Gummy Larson?

27. Why does Stark call off his affairs with Anne and Sadie Burke?

28. How does Sadie take her revenge on Stark?

29. Why does Tiny Duffy agree to become Sadie’s messenger?

30. How does Adam get provoked? How does he react later?

31. Describe the circumstances leading to the death of Stark?

32. How does Adam get killed?

33. How does Lucy react to her husband’s death. How does she choose to remember him?

34. How does Jack find out about the involvement of Tiny in the death of Stark?

35. In what way does Jack do his penance?


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Table of Contents | Message Board | Printable Version | Barron's Booknotes

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Free Study Guide-All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren-Chapter Summary


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