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Free MonkeyNotes Book Notes-The Aeneid by Virgil-Free Online Summary

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Key Literary Elements
Character List
Short Plot Summary (Synopsis)
Background Information - Biography
Historical/Literary Information

Chapter Summaries with Notes

Book First - The coming of Aneas to Carthage
Book Second - The story of the sack of Troy
Book Third - The story of the seven years wandering
Book Fourth - The love of Dido and her end
Book Fifth - The games of the fleet
Book Sixth - The vision of the underworld
Book Seventh - The Landing in Latium and the role of the Armies of Italy
Book Eighth - The embassage to Evander
Book Ninth - The siege of the Trojan camp
Book Tenth - The battle of the beach
Book Eleventh - The Council of the Latins and the life and death of Camilla
Book Twelfth - The slaying of Turnus

Overall Analyses
Character Analysis
Plot Structure Analysis
Themes Analysis
Author's Style

Study Questions

Comment on the Study of Literature

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Free MonkeyNotes BookNotes-The Aeneid by Virgil-Free Online Synopsis


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